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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Photo Art - The Perfect Gift

This description was taken from http://www.vmglasshouse.com/ Damon Crane a professional photographer and art curator known to Heart of Glass readers as he allows us to borrow his photos and descriptions of Blenko Glass. Damon's photographs of glass have for years been on the covers of magazines, and magazine articles. Damon 's ability to group and photograph glass is a skill that will impress you!

You must click on the link to view the photo art in larger size http://www.glasshouse.com/
The limited edition photo prints are on a different level and also outstanding - you must take time to visit the website and enlarge the photos. Damon will be adding to the collection. Over my fireplace is a an enlarged photo of Blenko Glass taken by Tom Hindman Gazette Photojournalist. Before seeing Damon's photos, my goal had been to have someone paint vintage Blenko Glass for above my fire place, today I know I can be very happy with a Damon Crane photo above the fireplace. These photos look like magnificent old paintings don't they? The following text is from Damon's website:
Exlusive limited edition photographic prints featuring vintage glass.
In the classical manner of the nature morte, this series of limited edition photographic prints celebrate history, design and beauty. By virtue of their subject matter the images inescapably recall the great tradition of the memento mori, recognizing the achievements of our civilization. Formally, the images are quintessentially traditional; relying on an extraordinary use of color and complex composition. But within each image, the objects themselves are uniquely contemporary evidence of culture and life.
Each photo is a professionally printed, signed and numbered limited edition printed with archival pigment-based ink on fine acid-free archival papers. Editions are available in a two sizes and at very reasonable prices. The smaller "cluster size" images are scaled to accommodate salon-style hanging. Each edition will be noticeably unique in order to offer a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and compositions flattering to salon-style hanging. Larger "life-size" images, in a very small edition, will accommodate the more modernist and minimalist hanging style. Click image at right for details & pricing.
A new edition will be released aproximately once a month. Delivery time 2-4 weeks.
About the Artist, Damon Crain
I began my career in what is oddly classified as the "fine" or "visual" arts, but with time gravitated towards the "applied" arts AKA, design. Things have now come full circle. My glass photography began as a means to an end; as illustrations for my articles which have been published in international magazines. To my surprise, over the years I have frequently received wonderful compliments on this photography, and so what was once an incidental has evolved rather naturally into a series of limited edition prints.
I attended the Pratt Institute and Hunter College in New York, both internationally known for their fine arts curriculum, and graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, arguably the top Canadian art school. My education incidentally included photography – but I hated it. With the advent of digital photography, however, I was able to dramatically improve the quality of my images in a way that naturally suited my creative process. After a decade of almost daily experimentation with digital glass photography and consulting for prestigious contemporary art galleries and museums on digital imaging, my work has evolved beyond the functional, and aided by an extensive collection of photogenic vintage glass, has become an avenue for formal artistic exploration in itself.
My photography has been exhibited in many solo and group shows in art galleries in New York, Toronto, Seattle, Vancouver and Washington DC.


lewisdvmphd said...

Totally without comparsion these are unique and Blenko
Surprised to learn I like photo art.

bridgett said...

Artist! The work of an artist!
Thank you Hillary.

susan said...

Why aren't you allowing annonymous comments?
Why do you no longer post all comments?

glassbug said...

Beautiful with all Caps.

bone said...

Why do you refuse to find WV Birthday vase for me?
I have made this request multiple times my email is bonedoc609@gmail.com I need most all of the vase. Please have readers email me if they have for sale with photos and prices. Making the entire collection before 2010 or the closure of Blenko is my goal.
Why are you not proactive with assiting me?
You seem to promote on line sellers and flea markets why not help those who want to purchase glass?

bone said...

BTW Outstanding works of photography.

buckndi said...

Hillary is working really obscene hours in her first year as a dentist, for minimal salary, and her computer is old and dying. She does not have the time she used to devote to the blog. In an older post she said she would be moderating posts, and would post no more bashing, backbiting commentary. I think she should extend that ban to unreasonable demands. The girl is a dentist, not an employee of Blenko, or a glass dealer. Get in touch with multiple dealers, and hire them to do your hunting.

glassbug said...

First I want to comment on these photographs. Exciting, beautiful and I can only imagine what joy they will bring to potential owners.
Second: Yes I agree with writer who reminds us Glass lady is not a Blenko employee, it would appear she receives little support in the way of photos and current info etc from the company.
Maintaining this blog, promoting blenko glass and doing a medical - dental education could not have been easy.
Third: As readers, collectors and the people who want glass to be made in the USA should be buying made in USA glass, also sending photos and articles and suggestions for articles to glasslady. Request for her to 'find' things ? I dunno if this is helpful to promoting production.
Fourth: We should attempt to join a Collectors group and become active in recruiting shelf space in local department stores for WV or American Glass. In my town recently I was able to get a small space for Fenton at an upscale shop.
Blenko for me is a new addition to my glass addiction.
Thank you for letting me speak.
one more thing, I prefer the old method of comments.
However, if anyone happens to have very old Anderson items they no longer love, I have an empty shelf.