Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Do you have computer / web design skills? The website www.blenkoproject.org needs to be updated.
Do you have an interesting collection of West Virginia, Blenko or American Glass?
Did you work at BLENKO GLASS or another WV Glass maker?
Do you have photos of a glass craftsman(family member), or items of glass your family member made while working in the WV Glass Industry?
Photos of glass you want to identify, or share with others?
A biography of yourself or a family member who worked in the WV Glass Industry?

Then the www.blenkoproject.org (email theblenkoproject@aol.com ) welcomes your photos, your stories, your ability to volunteer!

The Blenko Project is a not for profit group dedicated to the preserving the history of Glass making, Glass makers, and the Glass Industry primarily West Virginia Glass with an emphasis on Blenko Glass.


Anonymous said...

Jesse Carpenter continues to live in Barboursville why not add his to the Blenko Project
Retired workers.
Doesn't Blenko have a list with names and addresses of these people?

Anonymous said...

Good Day to everyone!I think TV ads are a good way to let the world as a whole know about Blenko glass. Seems in this world of today that a TV ad would'nt cost any more than any other paper ad, plus you do not have to cut a tree down to make more trash, and on top of that it is a WV channel, WSAZ that I watch from so maybe they are attempting to help each other. In the world of business today I would think that all companies are dang if I do and dang if I don,t. It is only the people looking for a job somewhere that is getting the bad deal. From what I hear most people up northern panhandle can only get a job that is for 2 or three days aweek.Only companies keep right on building more stores. So why attempt to make bad of Blenko when it is everywhere. I have a nitemare when I go to the grocery store. Be glad that we can at least go to Blenko or watch a TV ad, that just might take your mind off of all the serious stuff. I know that while, as you all call my Hillary, GLASS LADY, is on call for those 40 or so hours all in 2or 3 days that while she is not sleeping,just waiting on somebody to need a dentist that she most likely fills her time with the Blog and thinking of new ways to keep us interested. Maybe while her Mom and Uncle were at the beach they got some pictures of her Uncle's Blenko to show us. I am still waiting to play a game of chess? Can anyone answer this riddle! I have not figure out how to shake the pieces to see who goes first. Blenko is like a game of chess don't you think. I happen to agree lets get back to learning about glass, and seeing pictures of things that others have and we would like too. It makes me think of that Blenko pear. Now that is a piece of art. I have one of those. from checking the blog I did find out that I might have that yellow cracked vase in green. Did they make it in green or other colors? You should see my grandbabies, I know that this is not Blenko, only it is beacuse Hillary and Her Mom started Lilly at ONE collect Blenko. Leah, I will get something for. Her First birthday is coming up in September. Maybe a Blenko Pumpkin. Forgot to give her name, Leah, which mean ugly one. This baby has blue eyes like her Mommaw's. They are both a good handful. I pray to live to see them become young educated ladies and successful like Hillary, with the same such interest, Pretty glass, Hot Rod cars and a talent that will pay well. Just think won't be long before college football season. Do they have halloween stuff up at Blenko? Stores are putting out candy for that wonderful holiday that is nothing like it was when I went trick or treating. Most years I went as a hobo with WV coal on my face for dirt. I think of that orange glass in the picture and think of the leaves turning bright orange and falling off the trees. Orange is a very good color, peaceful. As to people who have or do work at Blenko, I would like to here their story told by family or someone who knew them well. You get a different knowledge of that person and why they liked to design in glass.Well got to go could type all day getting up to date. Will say I like this year's WV piece without the stopper. Guess you could use stopper of choice? Roxie

glassbug said...

No talent in the computer department, or layout and design.
Perhpas contacting a local school?

Dr.BOB said...

Dr Hilary
A non glass question for ya.
My neice wants a VW Beetle for graduation, I know you have this car, are you pleased with the car?
How is the service, etc.
Any thing you wish you had done differently or suggestions I maight pass on to her Dad.
He's looking at the 2009.

annu said...

Engineers hang out at starbucks, coffee shops and libraries in the engineering building, my educated guess is you need to frequent these places and make your needs known.
Or else call the Dept at OSU and ask for a volunteer.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Dr Bob
About VW Beetles, this is the 2nd new one I have owned.
My first was a diesel engine TDI and it still gets over 55 miles per the gallon of gas, and other than the clutch (a problem with me not the car) no problems.
The 2006 New Beetle Convertible doesn't get good mileage but its beautiful. One major issue just occurred - the paint is coming off hook and bumper guards in chunks. I have only 30,000 miles, the car has never been on a dirt road.
VW is saying 'its NOT a paint issue from the factory, but caused by road wear. My opinion of VW dropped by 85% or more immediately.
After saying this, let me say Joe Holland VW of South Charleston always takes care of my cars, the service department is very friendly and believe in educating the consumer. When I was just 16 they took the time, each visit to explain what was being done to my car and why. IF you must buy a VW go to Joe Holland, but also know there may be a paint issue, so if you notice anything report it immediately. My warranty is good - as I have just 30K but the re painting of my hood will be Hillary H's responsibility.
Volks Wagen of America accepted no responsibility. I will post photos of the hood and write soon about the car. Dissolution - loosing faith in a company I valued for over a decade is difficult for me. Although I now can understand why some collectors become so angry with Blenko. I had VW on the same pedestal.

Anonymous said...

I want to purchase all the West Virginia Birthday vases.

Anonymous said...
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