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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, February 05, 2010

PM SALES - Purple Moon Estate Sale

I'm posting this without Mr. Chuck's approval, I don't think he'll mind that I'm inviting all of you to this estate sale.
See the 5929L this lovely piece of Blenko Glass is a part of the estate.
If you're a collector and you don't have a 5929L I'm certain you share my strong desire to own several. In my collection are three smaller 5929s. This 5929L is on my 'must have' but can't afford list.
You won't want to miss this estate sale.

Purple Moon http://www.purplemoon.com/ located in Charleston, WV
www.pmestatesales.com for the estate sale listing.

is conducting an estate sale Feb 6 & 7 - check out the listing on their website. A large selection of furniture and collectibles. This Blenko Glass vase caught my eye !


amodernguy said...

Thank you Hillary.

A preview video of the estate sale came be seen here:


roundhead2 said...

Dang on shame the weather is so bad. Just raining here right now and tomorrow I go test to be a Cenus worker, should the roads get treated. Last snow they took care of the 64/77/79 interstate and did not do much on the senondary roads. I still say people have known for years how bad it gets on these roads when it snow. Use your head. 12.50 will get you out the door when you live in Kanawha county. Just five to ten weeks worth of work, I will have money to buy one Blenko item anyway. I know that the Benz is in the shop. Please excuse me only why are you so interested in the Benz? To the person who wonders why the artist don't go to DC, why? It is so fast pace and mass confusion at times. I love the area where I was born and raised up North, only you have to look beyond all the people for the beauty. We talk fast, drive fast and live days ahead so you have to plan for time with your self and everyone runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. Humbug! Here in less populated area of the States we work, and enjoy a more slower pace way of life. You can drive into the mountains and capture the beauty with out the stress, which gives an artist time to dream of that next creation. My mind is working on what to plant. I want to plant some food for the animals up on the hill we always have to weedeat. It was bad for the wildlife this year and we are fussing at the electric power. I say they got all year to go trim the trees. Cabin Creek still needs alot of trees trim. The people who own all this land where the coal is, do not trim their trees either. Rog has trees to cut down so they won't fall on the house. I find in the old school business world they were taught not to fix nothing unless it was broke. Just like toyota. Being an old foundry/factory work somebody did not catch those bad parts or the mistake on the blueprint. I think of the times I got to go put sprinkler systems together and guess who found what was wrong with the parts. LOL. Should of seen those white collar workers, no offense to anyone,all men gather around wanting to say that is not it. Well I have an eye and should I have an interest I can figure what is worng out. Remember everything only goes together one way to work. Gonna call Kate and my sister to see how much snow they got on Saturday evening. Will get real report. Say alittle prayer, peace to your homes, Roxie

Anonymous said...

? Can I preview on line and phone for price with my charge card and have you ship?
Much too far for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Lennox Eternal? How many serving pieces? What is the conditon?
Is it Lennox Eternal?
Sue M

Anonymous said...

Last year I paid $1200
too much for an orange 5929L
like you I had to have it.
Sue M

glassbug said...

Expensive ?
Have you been to the glasshouse website?
Your purchase was a real steal of a deal.

chitrakahn said...

I saw no other glass in the link, did the household have only one piece of american glass?

amodernguy said...

Lenox Solitaire actually - 9 places settings + serving pieces in PRISTINE condition.

As for Alex - email me at midcentury@thepurplemoon.com and we can talk.

Anonymous said...

Re: Eternal
are the serving pieces priced with
place settings or seperately?

Anonymous said...

What time does it open and an exact address that I can put into the GPS is helpful

Anonymous said...

Is there a 3rd day with 1/2 prices?

Anonymous said...

I don't claim to know china
but I think eternal is gold
and soltaire is silver
so the serving pieces would not work for you..

lewisphddvm said...

Is out of the country but I'll phone to let him know about the tall coveted blenko.

Dr.BOB said...

Snow is falling in our area.

Anonymous said...

Visit the Purple Moon webpages
I just spent more than an hour viewing the furniture and glass.
One thing everyone will want to see - ruby waterbottles with handles. Hilary I will go back and send you the photo for the blog.
the address I used was:http://thepurplemoon.com
Warning: Most all the glass you'll want is marked sold. I am bookmarking Purple Moon.

Joanne Beach

Anonymous said...

It's a Mercedes Benz owned by an Abu

oil billionaire (naturally).

Featuring the newly developed V10 quad

with 1,600 horsepower and 2800nm of

0-100km/h in less than 2secs, 1/4 mile in 6.89 secs

running on biofuel.

I'm sending a photo to theblenkoprojectaol.com for you to send to your dad
so he wont feel bad about his accident.
perhaps you can sell Blenko to the Benz dealer?

Anonymous said...

Dr.Bob been watching the weather all day. I know that you are getting blasted as is my daughter in Virginia. It has started to lay on the road there. I am glad that Manchin did the State of Emergency. People do need to stay off the road. We will have mud slide and are in a flood warning. The front yard is like a swap. Roxie

amodernguy said...

The estate sale is Saturday 2/6 from 10 - 4 and Sunday 2/7 from 11 to 4.

The address is 805 Montrose Drive South Charleston.

See http://www.pmestatesales.com for more info.

This sale will continue next weekend with discounts beginning on Saturday 2/13.

For those debating the issue - the Lenox is Solitaire.

Thanks - Chuck - The Purple Moon

amodernguy said...

JoAnne - We will be launching a new website in the next couple of weeks which will show more of the Blenko and other mid-century items we have in stock.

Drop us an email and we'll be sure to let you know.

The Purple Moon

amodernguy said...

Hillary - The link is wrong on the post.

Our web addresses are:

The Purple Moon

Just a Modern Guy Blog

PM Estate Sales

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lets schedule a Blenko group get together?
What about June or July?
When are you free?
Hillary will you be in charge?
Alice B.