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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We've talked a lot about the BLENKO GLASS water bottle.
Blenko does the water bottle image in a very popular glass medallion.
Blenko Collectors have found stamps with the image.
Blenko Collectors love the water bottle.
This one product has over the years has made Blenko a small fortune.
Its functional, its affordable, its easily carried, wraps well....its the perfect gift!
Diane a Blenko Glass Collector, a multi talented Blenko Glass Collector made this card using scraps of paper!
I don't know if she made the paper - but these Blenko Collectors are crafty - she may have also made the beautiful paper. I am certain the design is her original paper design.
This is the PERFECT Valentine's Day card , it like the original Blenko Water bottle is PERFECT for any occasion.
Thank you !


chitrakahn said...

Before reading a collector made this I thought perhaps your BF the artist made this.
Beautiful is too whimpy a word, I want one and
want to make this.
Tell me how.
Is it a secret?

Anonymous said...

When we meet as a collector group
this paper craft would make a good
group session.
When are we meeting?
Mountain Rita
In the very very cold Berkley County WV

sweetdoc said...

Chitra Mountain Rita
Brilliant suggestion.
Our group wants to join.
2 of us do the scrapebook stuff.
Milton for us is a long day trip or a nice weekend trip of tri state
shopping, not as much fun with the closure of Milton Fleamarket.

buckndi said...

I took an iris-folding class at a scrapbooking shop last month. The basic shapes are fun, but I thought I would create a template for a water bottle. I printed a photo of a water bottle, and cut out the outline. I used that to create the card face. You fill in the "hole" from the back of the card by laying down strips of folded paper (I used origami paper for this, but any patterned paper will work) in order around the edge until it is filled. Because the top of the bottle is an odd shape, I covered the neck with one piece of solid colored paper before I started filling in the basic square of the body. Then you put a piece of foil paper to fill in the center, and it's done.

I can make you one, in your choice of color, or I can send you instructions and a template. E-mail me off blog to discuss details.

bridgett said...

W H O A W E E !
Even Mountain Rita
loves this!
Very nice. My BF will like this one.
Wish I were experiencing the snow.
Stay warm everyone.
Blenko Blenko Blenko

buckndi said...

I may or may not be able to come to any gathering and do a craft session - I haven't been able to afford it since the second convention. If I can work out a web based video link, maybe I can do it by remote control, and send the template and instructions to someone who will be attending. We'll have to work on it.

Anonymous said...

Doc Glasslady
Can do this, with surgical skills it'll be a piece of cake - make that lemon chiffon cake.

alex said...

My Sister and GF engage in this craft so I speak with authority,
awesome work.
Blenko water bottle rocks.

Anonymous said...

Have you updated the Benz episode?
How is the repair?
Did State Farm come thru?
Was anyone injured?

chitrakahn said...

When you receive the instruction will you kindly post so we can make an atempt before the group class?
Thank you Blenko Lady Di
for sharing.

susan said...

A little something for everyone.
If you don't want to search for that bottle, make it!
Diane should copyright this process.

Anonymous said...