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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Les Womack Returned to Blenko For Festival Of Glass

If you are 'new' to Collecting or learning about BLENKO Glass you may not know about Les Womack. He retired from Blenko about 8-10 years ago, he is a very handsome, strong man who at 68 still moves with the grace many 40 year olds only wish they possessed. To watch LES work in and around glass is fascinating. He returns to the chair as if he had never left. His skills and those of Shorty Finley, Jessie Carpenter, Radio, etc (you'll be seeing photos and hearing about these 'older worker' age 83 - 78 who returned for Festival of Glass) are one of the reasons vintage BLENKO GLASS remains highly collectible. Note: 1) When you Join the BLENKO COLLECTORS SOCIETY you have the ability to yearly purchase glass made by the 'older workers' glass made while you watch.(raffle drawing for ability to purchase. This is another reason to immediately join BLENKO COLLECTORS SOCIETY 2) Randy Rider, Perry Bayes, Powers, Stovers, etc. current employees are currently creating BLENKO Glass that you will want to 'age*' this glass will definitely become 'collectible.'

* age -The Blenko Project and Heart of Glass Blog always recommend AGING your own glass, you purchase new glass from BLENKO that you find attractive and enjoy the beauty as it perhaps increases in value and becomes' Vintage Glass'.
Do you have PHOTOS or a Story from the Festival of GLASS? Send to theblenkoproject@aol.com and we'll share with readers of Heart of Glass.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, we need more photos of you and also more photos daily in the blog.
Don't take this as a negative, my group just loves looking at the photos.
Margie Hale

saltonannu said...

If Les Womack (man in photo?) is 68 I must move to Virginia and drink the water from the fountain of youth! Amazingly beautiful photo
you both look very vibrant adj. Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity: the vibrant streets of a big city. Vigorous, lively, and vital: “a vibrant group that.
I am including definition of Vibrant so Sol can comprehend.
Add me to Margie's request for photos. Must admit I often don't read the comments just the blog and photos. Blenko Glass is a photographers dream!

sweetdoc said...

Great Smiles!
My staff and I drove to Charleston
visited the garden got many new ideas. I always buy lst in Blenko now I will shop clearance for my yard. Your Mom said when things get a chip she thinks Bird Feeder, or squirel feeder, interesting!
The food vendors at Blenko were a good idea. It made staying all day easy. We bought the celebration vase, because you said to buy. We three didn't find it beautiful and didn't like the color. So here I'm trusting you Hillary.
Did you buy this vase? Next year I will take the classes, and I will join. I couldn't find the collectors society this year. 9 am Friday I was seeing patients and on Saturday they told me to go upstairs, I didn't see a booth or anything?

susan said...

Was there saw this, these gentlemen helping you make glass.
Please upload photos of what you made!
This was a great event. I bought too much, had a nice time.
More photos of everything
also what happened with the Collectors Club?

andreerods said...

You are like 'fine wine' aging beautifully!
Happy Birthday!
I have 2 questions, did Ravi the guru send additonal photos or a log of his trip? If so will you share?
Photos of garden of glass, do you have others? I'm linking a painter friend, this should be presrved in oil.
Stay sweet, consider other glass and other passions, while you are young and passionate Blenko is old and pedistrian. Choose wisely my friend.

lewisdvmphd said...

Admire your long term committment to Blenko and West Virginia.
When is graduation for you?
Labor day plans?
Do not tell me Blenko is haivng sale and this is place to be.
We were in Vegas, great time had by all. Sol lost a small fortune.

Dr.BOB said...

Delightful Photos!
keep'em coming.
I also want to see more of Revi's photos. Also more photos of glass weekend.
Didn't get down, should I order this vase? Your professional opinion?

Hillary J Homburg said...

Re: Celebration Vase
I think you can order by phone or online this day and maybe tomorrow
304 743 9081.
If I get free time I'll call Christy and get the correct info.
I didn't buy - as I have NO Money but it is something I would love to own. BUY BUY BUY the marketing didn't make it clear this is the BEGINNING of A NEW COLLECTION much like the BIRTHDAY COLLECTION.
The vase didn't sell out - perhaps because not everyone understood the significance of purchasing - COLOR is not important unless you are someone who uses the vase as part of decor.
Seafoam is a very neutral color - and a very classic color.
BUY THE CELEBRATION VASE! email if you do - and then send photos of the weekend and of your vase when it arrives.
ps re: Ravi, he has returned from his trip and I know he will send photos and text when he is better rested. I promise to publish everything. Keep looking.

Hillary J Homburg said...

I'm going to the beach with 8 friends leaving on Wednesday for long weekend. However, Blenko is haivng a Labor Day Sale and you should GO!

susan said...

WOW! This looks like a fun experience.

mismgr said...

Larry the TX photographer and VP elect of the collectors society will forward membership application and details to all who contact me at larry@serenityantiques.com I will submit photos of Blenko glass and any other WV glass approved by blog owner