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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1960's Joel Myers / Blenko

Doctor Glasslady,
I'm sending a photo and description of one awesome Blenko vase currently on ebay. Unlike Mr. Bruce's finds this one isn't dirt cheap but it is still much less than it would be in a NYC or NC gallery. It is in my Ky opionion a steal. Please share with readers. Joel Myers is a great additon to any Blenko Collection.

1960'sJOEL PHILIP MYERSLargeElongatedBottle forBLENKO.Up for auction isthis spectacularMid-CenturyModernistArt Glass bottleby PHILIP JOEL MYERSfor BLENKO!This rare and increasinglyhard to find art glass pieceis in perfect condition.It is signed on the bottom:BlenkoJoel P. MyersThis classic piece was designed by the modernist master craftsman whowas theBlenko Design Directorfrom 1963-1970.I believe this piecethe "6427 Bottle" isfrom 1964.This large floor or table bottlemeasuresapproximately22 1/2 inches high.It's base measuresapproximately2 3/4 inches across.The mouth is approximately1 1/4 inch across.This wonderful item has no chips or cracks. It has the normal bubbles associated with this type ofmaster production.The colors are vivid and dynamic.The neck is a strikingturquoise blue and the body is a warm honey color.Don't miss out on this opportunity to own this spectacular and rare piece.
Joel Philip Myers Mid Century Eames Art Glass BLENKO
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Dr.BOB said...

Good call Hilary.
We own this one, the wife paid $950 at auction. The vase is beautiful I am sending photo to the blenko project address.

annu said...

Now how does this relate to
Systems Biology?
It does not. Go back to work.

Roxie said...

Nice bottle! Looks like it started out like an old brown beer bottle. I have an real old brown beer bottle from Ohio. Found in back yard. Found a new marble yesterday, white with a touch of Jade green.Still need to go to the marble museum. Now have almost a quart of Backroad of Ronda marbles.I know I still need a camera. One of these days, then I would have something knew to learn, how to send the pic's to Hillary. I am surpised that Blenko doesn't have security cameras around the Blenko building. Makes one's mind wonder, sorry to say this accident does not sound right. Blenko. sets in a hollow like sitting and NO security cameras? No BELLS! Hum! I know someone forgot to turn them on. Just sounds like to me that maybe acouple of people might of been having a disagreement and got carried away. Will be waiting to hear the story of what happen to the fence and the Blenko glass. Made good news, hope Blenko employees are not involved. Just a feeling and a guess. Wonder how long before we hear who done it and the why will be the interesting part. Of course depending on the who, will depend on if we hear the news of who wrecked the fence and broke in. Relow person or people to do this.Shame! God Bless! Roxie

Anonymous said...

systems biology?
Annu are you a nerd, or a holyroller? or both?
blenko is a system of chemical changes made by adding solutions to fire said the vet.

Anonymous said...

My pea size brain reminds me systems biology is a biology-based inter-disciplinary study field that focuses on the systematic study of complex interactions in biological systems, thus using a new perspective (holism instead of reduction) to study them. Particularly from year 2000 onwards, the term is used widely in the biosciences, and in a variety of contexts. Because the scientific method has been used primarily toward reductionism, one of the goals of systems biology is to discover new emergent properties that may arise from the systemic view used by this discipline in order to understand better the entirety of processes that happen in a biological system. Most systems biologist would also have awesome computer and engineering skills ruling out all of us.
LMAO Sol - we are all nerds, else we would not be following glass lady and a small WV glass plant weekly.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait my pre med degree was engineering.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching this one and waiting, we'll see.

sweetdoc said...

please do more of this, I don't think to purchase on line.

sweetdoc said...

Your grandchildren must be the luckiest in the world to have such a energetic ditzie, positive GMom.
How old are they? Do you have many children?