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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Blenko College Inspired Xmas Ornaments

I'm posting these now - as you'll want to place an order immediately to insure (a)they don't run out before you purchase (b) you will have the gift in plenty of time to admire before gifting!
Blenko Glass - the collegiate line improves and increases!
We saw the WVU ornament its a blue ball with the flying WV in a gold emboss.
Beautiful! After your purchase arrives, take a photo for the blog . Send to theblenkoproject@aol. com. Visit the Blenko Project website to lean more about BLENKO GLASS. www.blenkoproject.org


susan said...

Saw these last week, very homemade looking
gold leaf seals with the logos applied to Blenko balls.
Never would I pay $40 for this.
Glasslady check things out before you suggest. Not all things Blenko are quality or worth the new expensive price.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the logos are etched into the glass and then filled with the appropiate color. The logos are etched using a sticky paper, that is cut using a special printer, that is applied to the ornament. Each ornament, as with every collegiate item, gets its own sticker for etching. The ornament is then sand blasted to etch the logo into the ornament. Finally, the color is applied to the etched area.

As far as the price is concerned; remember as with the other collegiate licensed products, Blenko must pay a licensing fee for each item sold. A stand is also included with the ornament.

I think that they are great.

bridgett said...

What are the OCT hours for Blenko Glass?
Are they open later on Oct 5th? fr the holidays?

Anonymous said...

Well maybe alittle costly, only a treasure to bring the warm sunny days back to mind when it is the holidays and the sleet or snow has lasted long enough. Not to mention the rain! The price is not bad. Plus they have these little stands to hang your Blenko bulbs on where you can leave them out all year long. I paid 40.00 with tax for a sandwich size plate from Avon back in the early nineties. Brought two. Both are blue indingo(? spelling), with white. One is the last supper and the other is Jesus feeding the people bread. I also, before I gave to my daughter, paid 40.00 for a Longerbuger(?spelling),mixing bowl. Hate to see what they are getting for that cookie making bowl.You could make double everything. It is not really the price of something, it is the desire,to own pretty glass, that will always be worth it's cost. Besides I am a fair,wall and trim painter, I like to doodle flowers, cars, birds. The person painting has to have a study hand and a good eye, maybe it does'nt cost alot to make the glass bulbs, only it does take time and talent to paint the birds. You are the second person Susan to tell me I should write a book on my life. It would be a interesting read. Only I would rather someday talk to young people about my life,not that it has been that bad, I also know that it is not the about, it is the wording. Got Blessed in having Mrs. Snyder for English, speech teacher, who happened to write two books before her passing, owned one of the oldest farms on route 51 in Charlestown, WVa. Ms.Odessa Snyder, one of the best story tellers in my life. Yes! I made good grades in her class, also did my baby sister's short stories and poems, she was a smarty pants, phase five all A's. On the Christmas bulbs can you special order with say your grandbabies name painted or their intials? Be a fun class learning how to paint on glass.Your Mom got a new piece of glass from you,or to you, was there on Monday. A candle holder that fits the one's Mrs. Regan has in the White House. Nice color, Your Mom will have to take picture. I need to get a camera and take pictures. Put on list of things to do. Well enough of me, Roxie

Phani said...

Havent seen any messages from you Bridgett, found any interesting blenko glass lately?

Hillary J Homburg said...

Delighted to hear you enjoy the Limited Editon Feathered Friends ornaments and your new Blenko purchases.
Any item with a college logo is costly.
With this one, you are getting the logo of 'your school' and a hand blown one of a kind ornament.
Excellent value - These won't last long.
Remember: When you purchase Blenko you are buying: made in the USA, made by hand, and made in West Virginia by quality craftsmen.

Dr.BOB said...

Use your influence to have a WV Med Center ornament created for 2011.
If you do, I'll see a photo is placed in the Alum Mag.

Dr.BOB said...

Where do I find, W Va Birthday vases for past years?

Anonymous said...

While I like the Bird Xmas balls, I agree these are not up to the Blenko standard.
Observation based on viewing these at the VC.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blog, miss seeing your comments.