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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blenko Brick & Tile

Samples of Blenko Brick - Photo of Blenko in Garden.

Doctor Hilary

Can you provide photos and information about the tiles and bricks Blenko is making, also the cost? Are they OK to use in construction or is it best to stick with using as decorative art in garden? Do you have photos of either?

Thank you

Charles K.


For cost you'll need to contact Don Lemley the director of Antique Glass at Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ Don can answer questions, and have most anything you need made.

I am adding a photo of the brick and brick used in the outdoor garden setting. If anyone has photos of Blenko in architectural setting please send copy to theblenkoproject@aol.com

The Blenko website offers this information about the brick.

Blenko Glass Company, Inc. has expanded their line of architectural glass products to include two sizes of glass bricks and two sizes of glass tiles. Blenko continues to produce Dalle de Verre (slab glass), hand-blown sheet glass, and hand-spun rondels as part of the architectural/antique product line catering to the stained glass industry.


glassbug said...

Yes. Don and at one time a man named Rodney were both helpful to me during purchases of these brick.
Ask. If you don't see something or want it in another color, you may have to pay a bit more but the men at Blenko have been extremely helpful to me.

glassbug said...

I have a question about the new website
is the designer the lady who does the Milton Blog?
design and format appear to be similar to Stephanie's website.
Just curious.
You didn't ask, but I like the old one best.

Anonymous said...

"When the tide goes out, you find out who is swimming naked."
hilary you have such polyannic views of life and especially the Blenko glass.
Give it another year, should it survive and you will see the naked swimmers, many bottom feeders
involved and you lack the wisdom or experience to see this.
Tom B.

roxie said...

Like that rooster. Different and I am sure someone will pay top dollar for this piece. I like the Blenko bricks, and will say that anyone can afford to buy a brick. They make great door stoppers, book ends, paper weight, and alittle on the self defense side you could if need be hit someone or throw it. Been home watching soap opera's, just to much who's doing who. That is a funny thought, I know women who live for soap opera's like some of us collect glass. One thing I will say, that was a good find and a very good buy, why would you sale, the rooster? Well got lots to do, pack for the trip to Neersville, Va. give Jake a bath, he must be handsome to go bye-byes, and clean the car, ask myself why, there has been chance of rain all week, been putting that job off because I know the rain is waiting on my car being clean.The fall colors are slowly appearing. Just looking outside, one can see that fall is here. Everything is looking droopy and sad, like they know the days are numbered till winter.Some are saying the catapillars are black this year.No orange or color at all. Sign of bad winter, olded timey. God Bless everyone, Roxie

Anonymous said...

Your comments also bring a smile to my face, I often share your words of wisdom and observations with my patients.

Anonymous said...

This one I know the answer, Terry L. from the Blenko Collectors group designed and maintains the Blenko glass website.
Terry also sells Blenko and has an ebay drop off sell site.
She was a founding member of the Collectors group.
She does an excellent job on this website and if Im not mistaken she also does Dave Osburn's website.
Talented and beautiful lady.
George D.

susan said...

i bought 3 dozen in march
still trying to find a place 4 the brick.
they are bigger than an average brick.

Hillary J Homburg said...

I'll ask Blenko about the website
or you might post the question to the website.
Tom B
The world is full of critics. Positive attitude doesn't denote naivate
Webster define naivate:1 : marked by unaffected simplicity : artless, ingenuous
Blenko must be doing something right - they are still standing, still making WV / American glass
and still making payroll in this very difficult economy.
Thank you for reading and for your comments.

Hillary J Homburg said...

You are correct Terri
is responsible for the Blenko website of 2008 - (06, 07 also I believe) she updated the old website and brought Blenko into the 20th Century.
The Web Goddess (her TK nickname) worked very hard on behalf of Blenko.
Thank you for your comments, have a great time in DC with the gkids.

Roxie said...

Thank you Sol! I hope it either helps or brings a smile to your patient's. I love most animals, spiders and snakes, I can live without. Still got that rattlesnake skin under the kitchen sink. Going home is always nice this time of year. Heard yesterday that alot of squirels are being killed. Their food supply of abundance is not in it usual place this year. Blame it on the weather. Wonder what the hunting season will be this year? Deer are out everywhere. Going to be a bad year for wildlife. They seem to be moving down low off the mountain tops. Bad sign. Well this weather and all the festivals should bring business to blenko. People travel to see the leaves and I am wondering if they are even gonna be pretty this year. Figure the rain will get the most of them. Well will makes us use the orange Blenko. Hope everyone has a good weekend, I am going to a birthday party for Leah, who is turning one. Hope to at least see some blenko, only an overnite trip does not give much time. I have come to the full idea that I need to plan to a trip just for Blenko hunting. Well God Bless and don't forget to say alittle prayer, Roxie

Anonymous said...

Glass bricks are by no means new, as history speaks of their being used in the days of Rameses II. At that time, however, and indeed up to the present, glass bricks have been used at various periods, but at all times they were made in one thick mass and pressed or molded. Formerly they were made in the form of short tube sections of different diameters or sizes in cross sections, 50 that when laid up in a wall with their ends abutting, the smaller ones could be arranged in the side of the larger ones and break joints therewith, and also the larger of such tubes, sections were angular in the cross-sections, with grooves in the adjacent faces to receive a locking or binding cement. In many cases it was also necessary to frame each brick with a continuous iron clamp. With the new molded brick or block this is necessary. Bricks have also been made of clay and other analogous material such as is ordinarily used for brick tile and other things, but we believe this to be the first brick or building block of glass or other vitreous material which is capable of being blown in the form of a hollow body having practically continuous and unbroken lines, and therefore possesses many advantages which are not incident to bricks or building blocks formed of other material, or of any material when in the form of cross sections.
Does or will Blenko again do brick?