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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Les Womack - Blenko Angels and Snowmen

An 'angel' is the perfect gift!

Retired Craftsman and former Blenko Foreman - Les Womack has returned to Blenko Glass for the Holidays.

Mr. Womack will work one or two days each week to prepare the Holiday Angels and Snowmen.

I own several (never can have too many) Womack Angels and Snowmen.

The angels stay out all year long - the Snowmen make an appearance after Turkey Day and stay out until mid March.

If you are at Blenko when Mr. Womack is working - I would suggest asking for his signature on your angel.

The angels are beautiful, unique, each a special edition - the colors are beautiful! When photos of the 2009 Angels are available I'll publish - the photos here are of older Angels.



Anonymous said...

I LIKE THE ANGELS, a gift for all ages. The snowmen are very cute, I want to get a frosted one with pink eyes and pink nose,Black hat or a bunny rabbit done that way. These items would be for Lilly and Leah, grandbabies, belonging to Kate, my girl. Will be going for Leah's first birthday, just going home for over nite. Hope she is walking by then. Rog can'nt wait to go see if Lilly is driving her John Deere tracker. Well got to go. Roxie

Anonymous said...

More photos of angel in the available colors plz
also price.
I bought 3 last year but they were all a deep purple.
Mary Ellen Strouch
Petersburgh, WV

Anonymous said...

I bought an angel in blue and a frosted snowman with blue last holiday season. Both are lovely, and will be unpacked this Christmas. I also bought the set of 3 disc ornaments, gorgeous. They are too heavy to hang on my real tree but beautiful in windows.
I wonder if they will do some new color this year?
Car Girl

Anonymous said...

Hillary, I see that we have california readers so i thought that i would tell everything i know about Harrys, trip to California. In or around 1959 Blenko was shut down Harry and three other blenko workers heard about a glass factory in California that needed workers. So the 4 of them piled in dads 58 impala , pooled there money and headed to California. They took turns driving and it still took 3 days of non stop driving. When they stoped for gas or food they would send postcards from that that town. I remember one that read Here lies Lester Moore 4slugs from a44 no les no more. From Tombstone Az. I believe the glass factory was in Santa Ana, they spent a week there blowing glass. Harry called and said that they blew probably 150 peaces and they were excited about there work but the factory was porley set up,junk everywhere and over 100 inside with an outside temp of 70 so it would probably be 140 in the summer. They talked it over and decided not to stay. So there is a remote posability of some of thease peaces of glass floating around southern cal. Thanks Larry T.