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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Reader Writes - Ebay Blenko Rooster

Hello thanks for getting back to me. I have the Rooster Vase listed on eBay at this time. It has been listed a few days now. Here is the auction number. 260475573154. Like I was telling you in my email I was out the other day shopping in Antique Malls and Estate Sales. I had just found a very rare Fiesta Cobalt Blue Cake Plate at an local auction for only $4.00. I listed it and it sold on eBay for $1,147.22. So I had a nice hand full of cash to restock my eBay inventory. I have sold on eBay for many years since 1998. That was around the time Blenko Glass had a huge come back. I started collecting Italian Murano 50's glass for my own personal taste a few years prior even hearing of the website eBay. I had collected over 2000 pieces of Art Glass of all Kinds. When I found out about eBay I took a look at their site. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There were so many things that were selling for big bucks and I had several just like them. So I thought that I would give it a shot. So I just picked out something that I had on a shelf took pictures and listed it on eBay. It sold for hundreds of dollars and I paid just a few bucks. Well I really started getting into this eBay Website and listed more things. Again everything that I was listing was selling fast and for so much more then what I had paid. I then started buying books to learn more about glass. I had no idea about all these different types of glass that I had bought. I just bought them because I liked the look and the style was sure to make a come back soon. It did just that. I was selling Blenko pieces that were never in any of the books that I had bought. Or ever seen on eBay. So I have sold a few rare pieces. I remember once Tammy, she is one the Blenko Collectors board? She had called me at home about a piece that she want so bad but was afraid that another eBay buyer would win it. I believe his name was Sid out of Texas. We talked about Blenko glass for a good hour. Tammy was a very nice lady and she did end up winning the piece. I can't remember what it was but she got it. I also had sold to Leslie Pina a few times. Also a very nice lady. Back to the Rooster. The Antique Mall was getting ready to close. " I hate when they make that last call " So I was rushing up and down all the rows of booths. As I was walking by the booth with the Rooster in it I'm not sure what made me stop to look. Maybe the color of the glass I'm not sure. The Rooster head was down inside a vase so only part of it was viable. It may of been the tail since it looks so much like the Bird Vase. I have sold many of those as well in Charcoal color in the past. I took the Rooster out of the vase and then knew right a way it had to be a Blenko piece. The weight of the piece, the colors, and the style. I also thought that I had seen it in the past somewhere but I still cant remember where. I then took it up to check out along with several other things I had found. I paid for it and rushed home to research it. I found the Heart of Glass story. After reading it I felt good enough to list it as a Rare piece of Blenko Glass. Here is a picture for you. Or your welcome to use any other pictures that I have in the listing. Thanks again for getting back to me.Wayne


annu said...

I enjoy hearing these 'gotcha' stories.
The people who find great vintage blenko for very inexpensive prices.
This 'luck' isn't a part of my life.
If one values time and quality it seems finding a good dealer allowing him to hunt and then pay him dearly for his expertise and his time - this works for me.
In another life perhaps
time and knowledge will not among the things I had much too little of.

Anonymous said...

Long ago I bought this it holds
mother in laws tongue - a green leaf plant
It has sit on my back sun room for many many years.
This one is beautiful with the sun shining near. If WVJANIS lived in my town, I would ask that she photograph for you.
Margie Hale

glassbug said...

While Bruce's stories allow me to barter with my
antique dealer for better prices, I like you continue to use a 3rd party.
Time is valuable.
Knowledge is key.
These men (D Crain, Larry of Serenity Glass, my own Charles) all know glass and have contacts.
Valuable resources.
Having said this, let me say I am anxious to see everyones 'finds' and special glass.

Anonymous said...

Is this signed, or does it have
sandblasted blenko?

susan said...

Should I buy this?

bridgett said...

Is it signed