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Friday, May 28, 2010

Reader Needs Your Help with Estate Sale

'Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.' Edna Ferber

I have to settle my Mom's estate. Its a small house near Hurricane stacked full of glass and objects of art or trash that she has collected. We live in Maryland. I don't want to just throw everything away, I have no knowledge, no time, no desire. Suggestions?
Quick Suggestions. We want to return some time after June 1st and list the home with a realtor
and dejunk. Help!
Mary Helen
Its OK to publish my email and phone #.
Mary Helen
Its not OK with me to publish your address if anyone has suggestions or knows anyone in the Hurricane area who handles estate sales please email theblenkoproject@aol.com to assist Mary Helen. Thank you. hjh


Anonymous said...

I used Tammy Fowler from Trphy Hair on Virginia Street in charleston to settle my Mother's estate in 1990 I don't know if she (Tammy) is still around but she charged a very small percentage of the estate and also sold the cars.
We didn't have to return to WV for the sale, it was an easy bittersweet end.
Tara B.

Dr.BOB said...

Huntington has a good number of vendors who handle estate sales.
In Milton my bet is one the shop keeepers on the Main Street would handle this assignment.
Call Blenko Glass and ask for the number or name of the shops on Main St.

Anonymous said...

The bittersweet sale. To avoid this, I have been giving away everything in my home.
I use only 5 of the 15 rooms. In the last 2 years several of my grandchildren have taken truck loads of furniture and other stuff.
Margie Hale
Hilary I miss Ram and several of the older original members do you hear from these people?

Anonymous said...

Long long ago my Dad with a stint as a J1 MD at the Huntington Hospital - 70s- I'll ask my Mom if she remembers who handled the sale when they moved.

Anonymous said...

Several members of my family plus
Lewis and I will be in Columbus
from Friday until Monday
are you in Columbus this weekend?
Coffee? Lindy's for diner?

sweetdoc said...

Bruce, Diane, WV Jan
everyone send photos
please protect us from having to reader letters from
who knows
I don't mean to be offensive but use the yellow pages.

Anonymous said...

I would not mind helping you pick out the old Blenko, so you don't get burned. I can identify most other makers. Feel free to email me at

Don Lemley

Anonymous said...

If Hillary can't publish my email address she has my permission to give it you via email.

Don Lemley

Anonymous said...


glassbug said...

I'm about 1 hour 30 minutes from Columbus. Next time you want company for dinner. I'm available, just say when.
I think perhaps Glassdoc is too young to estimate your value and also she maybe a workacholic.
My group gets to Columbus or Cleveland at least 2 or 3 times a month.