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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Blenko Tea Pot.

The answer is NO not really a 'teapot' but many beautiful objects of art for pouring . . .

Your question was: " Did BLENKO GLASS make a Teapot? "

I didn't know, so sent the question to three people from the group of knowledgable glass collectors I most often call upon. I haven't heard from Tammy Kosla who has the Blenko Catalogues memorized and maybe a walking Blenko encylopedia - so the jury is out - but the answers I've received are below

Tim and Karin Alonzo of Texas not only sent an answer they were kind enough to send photos.

Now ladies our search for these will begin

Blenko made several designs that resembles a teapot

. Here are a few:571 is called an "Iced Tea Pitcher with iced guard"

573 is a "Cocktail Pitcher", but most resembles a teapot

.574 Martini pitcher944 pitcher was designed by Winslow Anderson it is called a "vase with handle

"5729 Rooster Decanter is one of the rarest pieces. I know of only one in a private collection. 6145 Rooster Pitcher.

Blogger is acting up so photo placement maybe off -. hjh

Wayne Husted had this to say:

Hillary...I suspect that this idea came from the several spouted designs I createdwith tea pot like spouts but you said “covers” and actually I think one ofthese little spouted pitchers had a cover, as sample but not put into line. I will have to show you picture of tea pot from my graduate work at Alfred .. which I still have. Also the one without cover can be found on Damon Cranes website. In fact I just advised a collector that it was one of best buyson the site. Wayne.
Note: On Sunday we'll have photos of Wayne Husted's Tea pot from his graduate work at Alfred! Return for this...
We didn't hear from Tammy Kosla yet - TK has memorized all the Blenko catalogues, she KNOWS blenko, I'm anxious to hear her comments re: teapot.


Anonymous said...

There are stil great deals and very fine looking glass still at the visters center. Today while I was there they were putting out some lovely bowls, the lady said they were spin bowls. I just loved them. They also had few studio pices. They are realy works of art. Hats off to the craftmen at blenko.

Anonymous said...

Does Blenko have any of the tea pots at the V.C.? I would love to see one. I just tink that glass work is great.

Phani said...

Teapots are great

Anonymous said...


sweetdoc said...

If I weren't married, I would immediately propose to Wayne Husted.
Having this much talent in the same house would greatly inspire me in all aspects of my life.
Did Husted have time to have a family?
His work as seen on the net is
without competition.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have one of the '57 Blenko coffee pots that weren't in the catalogs? I had bid on a Juniper one two years ago on eBay, but someone in Texas with a handle like a Herman Hesse novel outbid me. I'd really like to see a photo of the small one. Some collector I met in Texas said she had one signed by Rick Blenko, but I lost her name.

Anonymous said...


katrom said...

The #6145 Rooster is not a pitcher or a teapot - mine, at least, has a solid glass head & neck. Lovely, but hard to pour from!

Hillary J Homburg said...

Thank you for your comment.
Would you be willing to take photos of your teapot for the blog?
We've had so many comments and emails about these items, no one has actually seen any of them, or few people.

annu said...

Can you attempt to acquire real photos of these items and the other Husted items?
Also if anyone is offering to sell one of these items can you post the address?

annu said...

Oh please please if you have these items photograph them and share with us.
What are the colors?
Is there a place where these items can be purchased?

Hillary J Homburg said...

Texas Collectors if you read this and know the answers, please respond on line.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
I was just out yesterday shopping for items to list on eBay. The place was getting ready to close for the day. I was rushing to the front and looking into booths on my way up. I stopped at one booth because something caught my eye. It was made of orange color glass. It looked like something Blenko would of done by its color, form, and quality. So I bought it. I rushed home to see if I could find anything about this piece. What I found was that I have a ROOSTER #6145 by Wayne Husted. Some call it a vase and some call it a teapot. It is Tangerine with the lower part of the bowl done crackle. It's neck and head are solid and the tail looks very much like the Bird Vase tail. Also solid glass. I will be listing it on eBay very soon. If I new how to post a picture on this blog I would show you all. Keep looking at ebay, I soon will be listing it. anyone with questions you may email me at cole_younger69@yahoo.com

Hillary J Homburg said...

IF you'll send the photo to
along with the ebay link
I'll do a post about it.