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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tea for Two or more? Question - Did Blenko Make a Teapot or teapot(s)

The question is: Hillary what's your favorite Blenko teapot? I haven't been able to find a Blenko teapot? How much should I pay?

What's your favorite teapot?

We'll ask the 'collectors' if Blenko made a teapot. I don't own a Blenko teapot. For me teapots are objects of art - I adore tea pots. My favorite teapot is usually the most recent one my Mom brings into our home. Personally, I own three teapots, one is a vintage black Wedgwood pot purchased by my Grandma Jessie in England as a remembrance of her visit for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, the other two new (less than 5 years old) designed by Vera Wang.

Photos above - Do you have a preference in this group? The Vera Wang Wedgewood are still in stock.

If we learn Blenko made a teapot, I'll search for a photos for you. If you have information about Blenko and teapots or photos please share. hjh
*** Corrections to this post made 2/16.


Anonymous said...

Each day I use a different tea pot, I have one for green tea, white tea and spicey teas, and several others. I too, like the shapes.
I gave a cocktail pitcher or two that Blenko made away with my glass recently. Do show us the Blenko teapot. Damon Crain would know did you ask him?
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

Only person from Blenko capable of designing a teapot would be Husted so ask him.
If not then they did not.
Bottles, can and buckets describe the remainder.
Sue M

Phani said...

I saw vera wang before but I didnt think they are into everything. Even glass? or do they just buy glass and brand them? Is this blenko made? These colors are beautiful, I like grayscale.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Vera Wang designed these for Waterford (white)
Black was made by Wedgewood in England in the 50s I think.

Anonymous said...

Last year you were all about friday the 13th and this year you were silent, may I ask why?

Anonymous said...

How much did the white waterford cost, Its masculine and Id like to buy for my bf.

Anonymous said...

Sell the black wedgewood and save Blenko. Black Jasperware has increased consistently in price
your teapot with the right marking could be worth considerably more than 1,000 and it looks as if you have an entire tea set including cigarette liter and ashtray, so very 50s.
total value if in good condition and stamp would be over 4k.
Aaron Sutler

Hillary J Homburg said...

Aaron, Still laughing, if your price quotes are correct my jasper teapot is up for sale.

Margie, I sent email to Damon, and Tammy and others, if Blenko made a teapot we'll soon know.

Husted did design some fine pices I also admire most all of Husted's Blenko designs. However, give Hank Adams, and Matt Carter etc a second look these men were very skilled.

Teapots were under $250 at the time I purchased.

Anonymous said...

Your Vera Wang teapot is Vera Wang for Wedgwood (not Waterford). The black teapot is Jasperware Black Basalt Wedgwood which will increase in worth as the years pass due to the way it is made, the rough texture, compared to the fine bone china of the Vera piece.

Was the Black Jasperware recently purchased? Both are still available on WedgwoodUSA.com

Hillary J Homburg said...

My black teapot (set) is very old it was a gift and my grandma Jessie purchased it in England long ago. She visited England often, last trip was in the 50s for the Cornation of Queen Elizabeth. So I know it was bought during or before this trip. I also have a couple pieces of Wedgewood made in honor of the Cornation.
Vera Wang pots are labeled Wedgewood / you're right. Both are(VW) were bought in last 5 years as Xmas or Bday gifts to me, Since Wedgewood and Waterford combined my small pea size brain often combines them. I had no expectations of price increase. Only the pleasure of using the pots.
Isn't it sad to have this wonderful company (Wedgewood) {Do you have any clue what the problem was?} filing for Chapter 13?

note I corrected the post and I appreciate your bringing this to my attention.
Errors are all my own.

Hillary J Homburg said...

An after thought:
Can you post the link to the site that has the solid black jasperware set. I broke the lid to my sugar bowl and was told it had not been made since the 70s and I wouldn't be able to replace it.

annu said...

What is the pattern name for the masculine looking teapot? I can't seem to find this one on the website.

Anonymous said...

Vera Wang love knot is still in stock
the antibella (masculine one)
and the black jasper plain are not.

mismgr said...

Hey Gang; I don't know of any American glass houses that made teapots or coffee pots other than Corning, Pyrex, Fire King, or other Machine made glass houses that made the glassware that would withstand extreme temperature variations. A Blenko, Fostoria, Morgantown, or other handmade shops would be for decoration only.

Anonymous said...

antibelle not in stock
black jasper not in stock
wedgewood is in flux