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Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Blogs at the Huntington Herald

Mountain Rita sent an email to ask that I inform readers 4 great blogs are new to Huntington Herald. She sent the blogs and a short description from each blog. Mountain Rita says: " she is enjoying the health related blogs as she is on a New 2009 diet, and the tri state music blog, as she likes all music." Ok Mountain Rita all other bloggers who read HOG have been told.

If you are just searching Huntington Herald for Blogs - Check out Hot Topics . This remains the only blog I read more than once a month. hjh

Running with Riley
Finding Motivation to Get Fit
Realizing a Healthy You
Tri-State Music Scene

Pat Riley "Running with Riley "
Running with Riley Check here for fitness advice, tips and tricks to staying in shape. I will also highlight the local running scene. Read this blog by a local cross country and track and field coach in order to stay motivated, get in shape and do it the right way.
Pat Riley was born and raised in Barboursville. He teaches computers and coaches cross country and track and field. He tries to keep his running mileage about 30 miles a week.

Greg Lunsford "Finding Motivation to Get Fit"
Greg Lunsford is a former three-sport high school athlete, minor league professional baseball player and W.Va. Conference football player. He says he let himself get so out of shape, he didn't know if he would be able to play with his newborn son. Two years later, he's lost 50 pounds and has maintained his weight.

Realizing a Healthy You

For anyone who has ever made a resolution or goal to get healthy physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, but couldn’t find the way. Take a step into my world for some interesting insight into kick-starting your health goals. Here you will find uplifting, interesting and exciting words that will hopefully help and inspire those wanting to make a healthy change for the future.
Ketwan Williamson is a proud wife and mother of two small children, Malachi and Lelani. Outside of spending time with her family, she enjoys writing, bowling and being around anyone who can make her laugh until she cries.

Tri State Music Scene

The postings of a tireless detective of music who hopes to keep a tight grip on the things that make you smile in the Tri-State. New rule, music fans: No more complaining about nothing to do in Huntington until you check here first.
Taylor Kuykendall is a senior at Marshall University studying journalism after two years of staving off creativity while seeking a biology degree. He is currently working as an intern at The Herald-Dispatch. He also once recorded a few songs and put them on a CD his sister bought for $1. Clubs: To get your events in this blog and the newspaper, e-mail Taylor at rkuykendall@herald-dispatch.com.


Anonymous said...

I also like the hottopic
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

Many new 304 Blogs also
look at the list and give them a shout out!

bridgett said...

No I just spent 3 hours looking at huntington blogs. Stop this.

Anonymous said...

I like the hot topics and music scene
no exercise for me