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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tea for Two ? Tammy Kosla style

Tammy Kosla was the President and Founder of the Blenko Collectors Society. Her glass collection can be seem on the Blenko Collector Four website and also on http://www.blenkoproject.org/ (Chicago Collector).

I am not a purist when it comes to my Blenko collecting. I am into collecting to enjoy and to have fun. I don't buy glass for resale purposes unlike some others that occasionally post here. When I no longer have fun collecting that is when I will be done. If someone wants to call a 573 a teapot then they should be allowed to do so. I had a friend call me tonight and said it looks more like a coffee pot. I just hope no one out there would think about putting boiling water in any piece of Blenko. Also unlike a couple others I do not wish to see the Blenko company permanently closed. I believe everyone should collect what they want to collect. If it is a 573 "teapot" or a 9316 "face vase" or something made at the company in 2009 then they should buy it if that is what they want. I have always had a problem with being told what I should buy. I personally like Don Shepherd designs but in some eyes the glass made after 1974 is not something that people should invest their money in. Sorry I believe in collecting what you like not what someone tells you to buy.The first picture proves that some people need to let up and start enjoying Blenko and life ! As you can see in the picture I am NOT a purist otherwise I would not have used crystal punch cups with a chartreuse handle to serve the tea along side a Teal 573 "teapot, coffee pot, cocktail pitcher"The 2nd picture is for those that think the 573 can be just a coffee pot.Life is short, Enjoy it!
Tammy Kosla


Anonymous said...

Looks like a facey coffee pot. Cold serve something cold out of it or something not to hot. Think you would have to make the tea and then serve it from the Blenko. Beautiful glass teapot or real fancy pitcher to me. Would be nice for just water. I would not put any ice in this piece. That is one lesson I have learned about Blenko from Hillary's Mom, the glass can stand alot, if it can go in a dishwasher or in your yard or if like Hillary when she was little played with some of her Blenko. It is something worth owning. That is what I like about Blenko it is a strong glass. Dropping it would be the worse thing with Blenko, then you might get lucky depending on what it is dropped on. I notice also that like alot of glass it does not chip around the edge's. I would love to own a set of cobalt blue and clear glass dishes. Wish list item that I would really have to save for. Hillary, should your Mom and Dad invest in Blenko, I know who would be working for them and that is your Momma who does not have the time so you are right.I am going to start playing the lottery and if I hit well I will invest my winnings. It is sad because there is so much more at Blenko then the glass, that is why I cannot understand the state not helping, that lake could be a picnic, public fishing and it is already a place to walk and enjoy the outside. I would go fishing and buy the glass.Need to get down there before they close I still want some of the bricks for my yard. If everyone would buy a brick,like they sale at Colleges, how long would it take to get back on their feet. How about a closed silient auction, for collectors only? I know the Blenko's have got to have stuff worth alot of money from their own collection. To save my business I would sale every last piece to start over. Those stained glass windows alone upstairs are worth how much? I loved going upstairs and just looking at them. Also, I guess there will be know need to work in the flower beds this year. Tell your Mom to call me if she does decide to work in the flower beds. I will go help her, just to have something to do. I know we worked hard, only I did enjoy myself. I need to get Rog down there only, every weekend when he is off we have bad weather. Me, I stay off the roads unless it is I have to go, like dentist appointments. Just thinking about you and Ms.B, Roxie

Anonymous said...

Was in Blenko yesterday why are they sellin no blenko items?
Fiesta, fallscraft, candles etc.
Did they always sell these items?

Anonymous said...

Was your Mother responsible for the changes to the entrance with
new garden beds? Last few years Blenko was landscaped beautifully.
Sue M.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I phoned to order gift and was able to purchase many non blenko items. Glass but not Blenko. It was they told me made in the USA.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny and sweet and charming and a reminder of why we like other collectors and blenko.
thank you hilary and tammy
Sue M

Anonymous said...


Blenko should never be put in the dishwasher or microwave

It states this in the company catalogs.

Anonymous said...

Sue M

Thanks I enjoyed taking these pictures. It was a dear friend that said in order to make it a teapot it would need a whistle... So a whistle was added :)

Some people say certain Blenko designs were not intended to be used. I know Wayne has always told me several of designs were not intended to be used BUT everyone needs to explain to me all the water damaged Blenko items out there that fall under the items not intended to be used. Perfect example is the "shot glass decanter" #6027.

The 572 is another design that was not suppose to be used but it was used by the Blenko family to serve drinks at "Bill Blenko Day" in 1958.

If the glass can be used I see no reason in not using it!

I believe we all need to enjoy our collections. Another thing I have learned that if you collect glass expect items to break now and then... Get over it because it happens. :(

I don't use my Blenko teapots the pictures were just for fun. I do use other Blenko items

Here is a link for everyone to see Blenko in use



Hillary J Homburg said...

The gardens in front and along the glass garden walls were indeed beautiful. My Mom was a volunteer and she recruited several others to work every few weeks. Its my understanding she and the volunteers were 'Fired' last month.
Sue, Mary, Diane and Mindy also worked very hard on the landscape, and a couple of Ronnie's men (Doc and Mickey maybe) did most all the digging and heavy lifting. It was a group effort and a gift of 'love for Blenko' that pulled this together.

Anonymous said...

These photos are absolutely too much.
Delightful, the work of a graphic artist would not they be beautiful in just black and white?
Perhaps as a cover sheet or ad?
On another subject, why would Blenko "fire" volunteers? I recall reading that several groups from this blog have gone over. Sweetdoc took her office, and did not Sol say he took his 'girls' over to work one day?
At the facility where I work we are desperate for volunteers.
Was this part of the saving money campaign?

Anonymous said...

Can we have more tea pot photos?
Someone wrote to say they owned one or two of those creations, will the owner please pretty please send photos to Hilary so we can view them?
These are almost as good as it gets.
Old glass is the best.
Louella V.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I did work three times on the yard in back of blenko and once in the entrance bed with 2 ladies from my work.
We had fun, we were waiting to hear dates for the spring clean up, so we could come again.
Lewis came once but he will say he did more work in the one visit than I performed in three trips.
We were not reinbursed for mileage, or offered lunch, or anything, what was the cost of this volunteer activity?
We went to help your Blenko Project.


sweetdoc said...

My group also received no compensation and expected none.
We purchased flower seeds and came with our own tools.
Blenko management is definitely missing a few PR tools or ability to understand public relations that blenko collector club and also having good volunteers can bring. Youth is wasted on the young!
This photo is mag we need to lighten up, fools are now running the factory. We collect this glass, let us continue to collect and have fun.
Tammy K will you share other photos? Went to the website but want to see even more.
What else do you collect?

Anonymous said...


I collect glass :) Most of the glass is Blenko of course but I also have several pieces from Rainbow, Bischoff, Pilgrim, Greenwich Flintcraft, Erickson, Viking, Gibson and a huge collection of Fostoria American that my grandmother left me.

I also have a handful of Italian glass pieces.

I will send Hillary some pictures to post.


Dr.BOB said...

Very funny, creative and appropriate for this time in a collector of WV Glass' life.

Dr.BOB said...

Welcome back, I have missed you Margie and WVJanis.
Let us not allow the negative comments to divide us, or keep us away.

bridgett said...


Anonymous said...

Tammy, loved your photos. My wish list includes the "teapot" decanter. I love that blue.
I agree completely, buy what you like and enjoy looking at it. I have a few Blenko that are more "art pieces", but much of what I have are things I can use. I put flowers in vases, pots of plants in bowls (lining the bowls with plastic wrap first), displaying Blenko with pottery and other pieces of vintage and new glass. It's a house, not a museum.
Have fun with it.
Car Girl

Anonymous said...

The website is totally professional. Your glass is totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

Next time I will read the comments before I start to write. Add my name to the list of readers wanting to see your photos Tammy.

Anonymous said...

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