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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Serenity Glass in Texas To Close - Brick & Mortar Shop

Below is a note is from Larry of Texas . Larry has given hundreds of photos to the blog in the last couple of years. He tirelessly answers your emails for glass identification and has been another 'cheerleader' for Blenko Glass. Sometime next month Larry will be doing a post to update us about how to access his glass website, and what he might have for sale. These are very difficult economic times for all business, even more so for vintage glass. If you plan to buy vintage Blenko or American Glass, email Larry with your list, he may just have what you want in stock. If you have been following the blog, you know Larry cares about American Glass, does his research and his knowledge of American Glass is extensive. When I say BUY LOCAL. I'm including Larry and Serenity Glass in the term LOCAL. For NEW Collectors - Buying quality is very important. With Serenity Glass a buyer has the secure feeling that the seller knows what he has to offer. hjh (Larry Note)

To All;
For questions concerning B.C.S. send emails to Tim or Karin at tkalonzo@swbell.net I know they have a busy schedule, but an=m certain they are interested in continuing B.C.S. ask what you can do to help support and grow this group.
Together we can do it. B.C.S. will become more important as time goes on as the history of BLENKO fades( weather they close permanently or not) Collectors hold the future of BLENKO Glass. I will take this time to announce to all of you I am closing my bricks and mortar operation the end of Feb. I will strive to have a better online presence, do shows, and mail/phone orders. I will continue to post and support this blog.

larry from TX

cell 214 724 5081


Anonymous said...

Larry I love that regal blue and the clear glass you should also let us folks know your prices with the photo. Or what kind of price we could bargain for. My Jake is now one. He would like to have a small friend only Rog says No, will see. Three out of four grandbabies got the flu and Kade got phnemonia.Spelling wrong. Still thinking how to spell, this I should know somewhere it is up there in my brain. Lilly will be three on 3/24 so I need to go look, I wish your Mom would have e-mailed me I would have road with her.That child has so many toys that she needs something else.Looking for earrings or that frosted snowman with the pink, also pricing a small battery John Deere tractor for her, since she lives on the farm. She wants a Blue barn, her dad can build that paint it blue, garage for the tractor. They had some cute stuff for children there and some of that incense and candy, is it on sale too? Jake needs a knew toy and likes peppermint candy, the soft kind. !YES! Shaun got married.I wish him and his wife the best. I hope your Mom likes his wife. She thinks of him as family.I am waiting for the spring. When I go for Lilly's birhday party, I get to go through alot of my cousin old glass, she has Blenko, I cannot wait, put a smile on my face. God is good. Hope to find a real piece, like that pear, this I do know it will at least be from the early 80's. Getting ready to work again on this jenny lynn, hope to get the inside finished this year. With alot of prayers, this might happen. Rog and I both like hot rod cars use to own a 68 chevy camero with 30 over. The faster I went the better it rode. Beat a Mustang from around the same year.We were rebuilding and moved here so I sold my dream car. It was green with white stipes down the hood. AC, auto with leather bucket seats,seat belts with the 68/69 date on them. Just plan beautiful. Everywhere I went someone had something good to say about my car.Rog had a fast 82 mustang that rocked and rolled,not like my chevy. Lil Rog recked it pass fixing.Movies, going to the movie store to check out some movies for the weekend, play Wii and watch the snow. I talk to much! Roxie

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your rambling, may I ask how you got to know Hilly's mom am I correct in assuming it was thru gardening at the Visitors Center?

Anonymous said...

NO Larry you can't stop the shop, before we get to TX.

Anonymous said...

I am so very disturbed to learn your beutiful store is closing before my friends and I get to visit.
These are horrible times, are they not. Everyone has too much money too little sense, or no money and big spending habits. I don't attempt to understand these times.
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

Roxie how are you?
How is Ram and Ravi and Janis and Holly? I have been busy getting my house ready this will be my last winter in the North.
Margie Hale