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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

V - Day is Nearing . . Buy Blenko for V Day!

Each year since entering WVU - for eight years now, I've said BUY BLENKO GLASS VASES for V Day! Refill the Vase during the year with fresh flowers from your own garden or from Krogers and enjoy having beautiful flowers all year long at a fraction of the cost!

Many local florist . Milton Florist in Milton, W.Va., in Charleston the Charleston Cut Florist, and I'm certain if you ask your own florist they could or would arrange to have your flowers delivered in a BLENKO GLASS container. The gift of flowers are ever so much more special when arranged in a Blenko Glass container.

My recommendation is to drive to Milton - the location of Blenko Glass gift shop where Blenko Glass is sold at 50 - 85 % off the list price daily. Make your selection and either gift the glass or buy flowers and arrange them in the glass. Glass tableware is available at Blenko Glass gift shop from $ 35 to $300. Some small items marbles, frogs etc may be had for under $15. Occasionally you'll find a small bowl or vase for under $35. All items are greatly reduced from the list price and all are beautifully made, handcrafted Blenko Glass. A gift that was made in the USA, made with PRIDE by a small manufacturer in Southern West Virginia.

Add BLenko GLass to Make Your V- Day very Special for 2009! Note: The glass doesn't have to be Pink or Red for V-Day any color Blenko Glass vase or tableware is appropriate for V-Day!
Photo from T & K Alonzo in Texas

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Anonymous said...

Today the winds are to get up to a possible eighty miles an hour. Hope not to many trees come crashing down. The mountain side is up behind the house. When a tree falls it sounds like a airplane crashing. Yes people should go down to Blenko and support the company and buy some Blenko. I pray the gift shop stays open long enough for me to get down when the weather gets warmer and less mud and rain and snow. I also pray that these people giving you a hard way to go, stop because you don't own Blenko, you are I know highly upset because something that you love, is apart of your daily life is maybe not going to be anymore. You have worked hard at promoting and collecting and supporting a part of the state of West Virginia and people should be more lady-like and gentlemenly for it is not your fault that business deals sometimes do go bad. How long will your Blog on Blenko last after the closing? I would be worried about who am I gonna get to help me find out about this piece of Blenko and Just where might I find a shop that has great deals and is full of Blenko on my travels. You have given us all the gift of knowing some things about glass that we might not of taken the time to learn. To some it is just a piece of glass or a walt-knot. To me I will still be looking for that deal on a piece of Blenko and I have a small collection as of date that will remind me of the Hillary Homburg and the education that I got on glass and West Virginia. I will miss alot of the bloggers also and I am sorry that we now might not ever get to meet. So in life, sometimes you are only where you are for a season and when God has other plans you move on, without thought or care of the others around you. Good luck at OSU. Give Miss B a puppy hug. You just smile and don't take in the anger that others are having for some of their fun is being taken away and some people's job in life is to attempt to make others feel bad. I must also say thanks for the chance to learn to blog and talk to people on line. Happy V-Day, Roxie