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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Questions and Answers for The Week.

#1 Do you get Free Glass from Blenko?
NO! I have never received glass at no cost from Blenko Glass.

#2 Will the Blenko Collectors Society be meeting this year? Will they close if Blenko closes?
Blenko Glass is still open, and to my knowledge the BCS will remain a club regardless. Write the letters, phone your delegates now. Join the Blenko Collectors Society to learn more about WV Glass and Blenko Glass.

#3 What can we do to help?
On Saturday after the closure - We posted addresses for state, local and national officials. We suggested writing and phoning. We wrote to Blenko Glass to ask what else. When other suggestions are given we'll post. If you have suggestions, please comment on the blog or else start a group email. Take Action!

#4 Is there Glass in the Visitors Center for Sale?
This is a frequently (6 or more per day) question. I write daily to Blenko about this, There is glass in the Gift Shop! Please shop Blenko Glass gift shop. If you are a wholesaler the warehouse is also open. Don Lemley in the Antique Glass division is available 8 -10 hours each day for selling and taking orders. Blenko has a reduced (skeleton) staff but they are OPEN! When any of this changes - I'll post or if you see a change please write to the blog.

#5 Why do you seem to love Texas so much?
The collectors from Texas - and there are many, have been very generous with sharing photos of their glass, I'm a full time student. I do not have an extensive glass collection, I rely on readers for photos, stories, and their glass collections.
If emphasis is placed on Texas - its because the Texans (Calif and Ohio also are active) have been sending photos.
Send your photos, promote your business, I have no bias, only a need for photos of beautiful Blenko Glass.

#6 What will you do if Blenko closes?
I don't work for Blenko Glass. I will in June start as a Dental resident at OSU. However, the men and women who work for Blenko Glass, will be losing their jobs, many have worked there for over 20 years. We are believing BLENKO GLASS will not close. That you the Collectors and the Community the Government will come to the aide of Blenko Glass. We can't afford to lose another manufacturer in this State, in this Country. Certainly not one that is the only remaining manufacturer of mouth blown antique glass.
When you combine the knowledge of the 'Men of Blenko' its a resource the State of WV can not afford to lose.

#7 Are you related to the Blenkos? Why do you like Milton and WV so much?
I am not a blood relative of Blenko. Visit Milton, and if you don't like it email me at theblenkoproject@aol.com .
As a child & teen and even now, when I traveled I always liked returning home, I appreciate the mountains, the rivers, the 'character' of West Virginians, I've always felt proud to be from West Virginia.


Dr.BOB said...

Each time I read the answers, I ask myself again what motivates you.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Laughing we are each member of my group has ask one or more of those questions w/o writing them to you.