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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where to Buy Quality Blenko Glass?

The questions I've been ask most often this month are:
1. " Where can I purchase quality Blenko Glass?" Can you recommend sellers? Online or brick and mortar stores? I'm asking for your help- readers please recommend stores and websites or ebay sellers by name.
Readers please send your favorite store, address phone numbers and website if available to: Theblenkoproject@aol.com we'll compile a list of sellers for readers.
Your comments about items found, and if the seller have knowledge, is consignment, what period you most all find etc are all welcome. Also if the list price is negotiable.
#2. Is Blenko closing? How long will be Gift Shop VC be open?
I do not have inside information about BLENKO, I write or call just as you would. Please phone Blenko at 304 743 9081. IF we get any information from the factory we will immediately pass this along to you.
#3. Where will I be able to buy BLENKO after the closing? See #1 and wait for the post sometime next month.
#4 Why can't you post photos of what they have at the visitors center?
They have not sent photos, I am over 3 hours away from the factory. A reader did send yesterday photos of every table in Blenko. I will publish these before friday. However, I was told it changes daily . An article in the Charleston Gazette quotes Katie (VP at Blenko) as saying they had another weeks worth of glass in the holding bend.
#5 . Investors? Is this open to Collectors to the public? Why won't the government do anything?
I have NO repeat NO knowledge of Blenko seeking investors, I did write to the factory on Monday for clarification - when this arrives, I'll post the information.
Re: Government doing something? What would you propose they do?

Blenko is a privately owned, family owned business.
May I suggest you phone Blenko at 304 743 9081 and speak with Katie Tripp about this, she was the person quoted and photographed in the newspaper article.
#6. Have you read the things said about you in the 'other blog'.
The only blog I read besides this one is a Herald Blog - Hot Topics, and This is Not My Blog a Charleston, WV Blog.
While I appreciate your offers to defend me, it isn't necessary. Also not necessary to copy and send me the comments. My life is too full of happiness and good fortune to allow for negativity.
#7. Why are my comments not showing? Why haven't you published my photos?
If you send photos and I don't respond with a note of thanks. It means the photos went to spam. Place the word BLENKO in the title of all email.
Re: comments, while I am not always the person to approve the comments, I attempt to allow only positive, on topic comments. As collectors we want Blenko to be successful offering suggestions for improvement is okay. Suggestions and comments that are 'mean and nasty' are not. If you think the comments are sometimes 'mean' you should see the ones we don't publish.
#8. Did you pass your exam and when do you finish school?
WOW its been four years of Dental School, and you have all been very patient. No punt intended. School is over for me the middle of May, then I go on to Ohio for some advanced training. Yes. I did pass my national board exam. When I finish rural rotation and have more time, I'll update you about boards and my life.


Anonymous said...

Answer to #1
Check out local Goodwill stores,
Little antique malls, and ask all the auctioneers you know to phone you if and when vintage Blenko is being offered.
This is my secret and when we travel I always go to goodwill, and antique malls in search of Blenko or Fostoria.
Sue M.

sweetdoc said...

My staff and I will anxiously await the list of selected sellers.

About the other blog, I went for two visits very little glass talk.

Congrat on boards

Investors? This was just a joke I think since no info is available and we have ask.

sweetdoc said...

If you just blocked Mountain Rita and few others the bad comments would be gone.
Many of us don't comment any longer as we are fearful of her

chitrakahn said...

Vocky's in Milton
and the Fleatique in Milton
both have Blenko Glass much cheaper than the current prices in the VC.
Does anyone besides me think they are increasing the prices at the VC?
Put Vicky's on your list of great shops. I have bought many items from both places.
Vicky often has the odd ball pices and some great old stuff.
Fleatique is consignment shop and she has a bit of everything.

Dr.BOB said...

My dealers are all in the DC area is this OK?
Metro MD VA.
Lots of Blenko unlabeled waiting for good homes.
Most of our friends are now into the French glass do you have knowledge of this glass? Want photos?

Dr.BOB said...

You don't owe anybody anything, no explainations are needed.
Re: Investors I have been asking about this also, without answers?
Who is the contact person?

bridgett said...

I'm out of your state and often out of the country. I find Blenko almost everywhere.
I spend one day each month at flea or antique sales.
Will send a long list of shops on the coast and 2 in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

I , too, have found some interesting Blenko at Fleatique in Milton last summer. Very good prices also. Didn't have time for Vicky's, did find a couple of things in the antique mall at the main light in Milton. The sales ladies were very nice and helpful.
Where I am, I don't find much Blenko, marked or unmarked, but have gotten a few good deals on unmarked pieces. Just need to keep looking.
Car Girl

Anonymous said...

In Morgantown there are 7 or 8 little glass places my Mother and Aunt shop, I shall get the names and email you.