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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Blast From The Past! Paper Weights, Mushrooms, Holiday Ornaments.

Blenko Glass Co. is returning to the past - this is a good thing - in the Visitors Shop currently there are paper weights made by BLENKO employees, also you'll find Mushrooms (another paperweight) these items have not been available at the Visitors Shop for a decade.
My suggestion is 1) if you live close enough - make the Visitors Center a weekly destination, 2) if you live out of state or more than an hour away, PHONE 304 743 0981 Diana or Mindy will be pleased to select and mail your items.
The ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALE is fast approaching, this year the SALE is going to be THE BEST! A wide array of BLENKO MADE ornaments, I have photos of a couple very light weight bulbs blown by Randy Rider, its my understanding for the HOLIDAY SALE they will have a large collection of BLENKO MADE ornaments. Blenko has sold ornaments for a long time - however - BLENKO MADE ORNAMENTS have been difficult to find. This year the selection of BLENKO MADE is large, the other ornaments are nice - but BLENKO MADE is exceptional.
In addition to the regular ornaments, Blenko is also doing the 3 ornament set, and having artist Lemly do hand painted ornaments. Both of these will make ideal Wedding or Birthday Gift, House Guest Gift, there are so many uses for these limited number signed ornaments .
Make this Holiday one in which you buy only quality made items, please
Note: Blenko has a small number of the Festival Of Glass vase, if you haven't purchased this item, phone Diana or Mindy for update on selection.


Anonymous said...

No pixs I ask you over a month ago for photos of fruits and veggies
and now you talk mushrooms
paper weights and no photos
buy a camera

Anonymous said...

I will send photos of my West Virginia paper weight collection.
Margie Hale

Dr.BOB said...

We will welcome a return to quality made glass. Am I correct in thinking, you sense a renewed spirit?

bridgett said...

Does this mean they will remake those items we can't find?
If so, I have a list.
Want my list?
I agree photos would be welcome, when and if you can.
Also I wanted photos of the fruits, Turkey Day is fast approaching after this the desire/value of fruits/vegetables for me will go down.

sweetdoc said...

VC also has larger than expected Snowman. Many new items, many out of stock items. Treasure hunters plan to spend the whole day.

Anonymous said...

Get A Life!

Anonymous said...

Chinese proverb 'May you live in interesting times"? Well, it's been quite interesting around here lately, hasn't it? Between the financial meltdowns, the coming elections, slanderous miltononmud and Thanksgiving, it's certainly been interesting.
The lesser known second part of that Chinese proverb is "May you find what you are looking for".
And if it's answers you're looking for, you know where to look :)
Want us to decode miltononmuds identity?

mismgr said...

Dear Anonymous; Why don't you contact BLENKO directly 1-877-4BLENKO
and ask them for photos of the items you desire. Hillary is not close to the BLENKO factory where she can take the photos you desire. You can also go to the BLENKO website and see photos. Also you can email me directly and I will send you photos of what I have available.
larry from tx

Anonymous said...

Oh! is all I can say after reading yesterdays page. Did not know that it is anyones job to judge someone for their pass mistakes and wrongs. Thought that job belong to God, who has already let me know that none of us are perfect except the one he sent and the one who will return so I would be working on or changing my way of thinking if I were some of you. MT.Rita good job. Should I ever need a lawyer I will let you know. The country just voted in change and some of you need to work on changing your self. Hillary do not let some of these people who have a bad taste in their mouth upset you. I will just cut you afew switches and when the chance happens that you meet these gossipy people, cut them a new one by not knowing them. Just let the pot get full and then sling it all over everyone involved. That is what happens to people that gossip all the time and love to cause trouble, and it is usually those types of people who happen to cause good talented people to loose it once in awhile. Good job Larry could not say it any better. Sorry for speaking out only some people like to give out to much information that I do not care to know. I would like to know if they have any dirty laudry? And were I those nosey people I would wash my mouth out with soap, for to think it is the same as doing. So forgive me for getting carried away. To know something about someone is not to advertise it to the world. Hay, that person could most likely come back and sue for something what is that called Rita? Well got to get ready for work, going to Milton today to work in the yard and flower beds at Blenko.Will be looking at all the glass. No pictures for I have that camera on my list for Santa. Waiting on the big football game saturday.love ya, Roxie

Anonymous said...

I like the paper weights and the Holidays that are fast approaching. Will check them out today. Have a good day everyone. Roxie

Anonymous said...

Car girl, your holiday oraments must be lovely. I love a pretty Christmas tree. It makes me want to sing O'Holy Nite. Roxie

Anonymous said...

Is there a serverlist for the volunteering in Blenko yard?
Please let me know next time. With enough notice I can most generally appear to assist.