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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PINK ICE is Back!

www.blenkoglass.com Pink Ice exclusively BLENKO GLASS! It's coming back. For more information you'll want to visit the website www.blenkoglass.com. Phone 304 743 9081. Many more photos, many designs available in this color. hjh


Phani said...

Pink Ice, Nice color. Not a big fan of pink but this is good and good design too. I'd like to see how would it look in green or blue, similar ice designs??

Anonymous said...

You need to get a photographer or borrow photos from blenko
this is terrible hilly.Sol

Anonymous said...

Three times now I have
gone to Milton in search of
feet and hands.
you wrote they were available.
Not so!
Can you let us know when they will be made again?
Mary Peterson

Anonymous said...

Real men do enjoy pink phani, let go of the tesostrone and just enjoy the beauty.
Mary P.

Anonymous said...

Where is our blog photographer?
Send the glass to West Virginia Janis next time.

Anonymous said...

Tell me those things are not so.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Looks like a perfume bottle. Is there a hole set? Would look good in a room full of flowers.Drive safe this weekend. Will see you and Blenko-Be on Monday. I hope they get the work done so we can get ready for the Holidays. Your Mom has her basket of fruit out and it looks great this year. She has added afew new pieces to her fruit and veggie basket. So you can show everyone her basket again Hillary. Sol, Hillary does the best she can. Maybe you need to get a camera and send us some photo's should you not like the ones that Hillary is sending and stop that complanning it will give you high blood pressure and it might make your teeth fall out. Stress is not good. Besides, is the time of the year to be good and nice or Santa will not come to visit you Sol. YES! I still beleive in Santa Claus, have four grandbabies. Sol, your Momma might like that for her bedroom or bathroom. All women like pink and delicate looking glass. From pass decorating I find pink looks good in a living room, it goes good with almost any color. Hillary has a trip this weekend like last weekend so all of you need to be nice. Maybe you three need to get together and take pictures for Hillary or Hay send us some picture's so Hillary does not have to work so hard while doing all these interviews for the next year of her life. Don't mean to sound mean but some of that anonymous blogger stuff must be wearing off on you all. Love ya Roxie

westvirginiajanis said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence PJ. Actually, I think the blackened background (photoshop editing??) makes that pink ice decanter POP out at us.

I take as many bad photographs of glass as I do good ones. Glass is hard to photograph, especially those long decanters. They are a 4x6" nightmare. Sometimes I just take the stopper off and place it beside the decanter.

As for sending me the glass, wow, what a great idea. Bring it on! Maybe I could start a business. Some people get photographed with their pets or get pictures of their pets alone. Perhaps I could photograph people with their glass (or just their glass alone)! Laugh out Loud!

Have a great day everyone. In this difficult economy, being nice and brightening each other's days is something we can do for FREE!

WV Janis

Anonymous said...

Desperate times sometimes call for desperate masures
. A person that has never made a mistake has never accomplished anything.

Hilary you rock for being the energizer bunny of blenko
you keep giving and giving and knocking us out with blenko and the positive aspects of blenko
sign me
anonymous in milton top of hill & out of the mud

Hillary J Homburg said...

Mary P
We have received a number of emails about Feet and Hands.
I'll check on this, I think it was a one time rerun of a vintage item. Used to make the BLENKO MAN at the WV Msueum of Glass in Weston.
Anonymous - my computer and camera are not old enough to be vintage but they are old and limited in abilities.
Phani - regarding Pink, women love pink (not me) but I did buy my husband a pink shirt 20 years ago its still in the package. Men often do not like pink.
Roxie - write to say how your puppy is, I have 8 or so emails asking about the puppy.