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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Decanters - ONLY at The Visitors Center

Les Womack Returns to Blenko again this week, to make Snowmen, Angels. Rany Rider and the Blenko Crews are making Decanters (correction made 11/19 I'll try to get names of the glass teams that are working on these designs).

These Decanters are available ONLY at the Visitors Center: They were made this week, they are available in limited quantity so I would recommend, phoning or going to the Visitors Center soon. Decanters are available in the colors and shapes shown. Phone 304 743 9081 to ask about a phone order.
**** MISTAKES - ERRORS - Please let us know in the comments or email theblenkoproject@aol.com .


Anonymous said...

aren't these old designs?

monte said...

The amber decanter is an old design #37. You asked about Jarfly Richmond and Jesse Carpenter. I gatherd for Jarfly for nine years and he was an excellent blower but very demanding to work for. Jesse worked with us for many years and was one of the best finishers ever to work there and a fine gentleman as well.........monte

Anonymous said...

I heard Hilary speak in Lewisburg about how difficult it was to find the men worked at Blenko. Why not email Hilary and offer this information? She told us of her desire to do an oral and written history with photosgraph for her website. To preserve the history for next generation. You could be a big help.
Delorse Carpenter Bowles

Anonymous said...

Do you expect to have decanters after 11/28? I don't get down to Milton before 11/28?

Anonymous said...

These items may some of the best blenko in the last decade.
I will drive over this weekend, instead of looking for old stuff.
Hilary I like the changes in blenko.
Keep us up todate and more photos, and also remind me about the collectors group OK.
I don't want to miss anything.
J. Johnson

Anonymous said...

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From the Create West Virginia website:

"A medical writer from Associated Press recently shared, with some astonishment, his observations on one of America's unhealthiest cities in one of America's unhealthiest states - Huntington, WV. Even more than the thinly veiled amazement at how one community could be in such bad shape, he clearly was taken aback by the lack of awareness and concern over the town's predicament among its citizens. Although "health" isn't necessarily a pillar of our effort to build creative communities, there is a clear correlation between some of our key pillars, such as education and "quality of place", and healthy lifestyles."

bridgett said...

Very very nice.

christy@blenko said...

There will be a variety of decanters available at the gift shop and they should have several available well beyond the 28th. Just to clarify. Dad doesn't make the decanters. They are made by the current glass shops at Blenko. Dad pretty much only works on angels and some other misc. items when he comes in.

christy@blenko said...

Some of these are old designs or modifications of other items.

Phani said...

Nice decaters!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Monte please share your stories and your times at Blenko. You have to know the pass to go to the future sometimes. I beleive that history does repeat it's self. For this new generation of people old sometimes means nothing to them they just like pretty so remaking some of the old artists designs with help from the first maker of an item is good for business at Blenko. I would like to see if we can tell the difference from the Jarfly Richmond made and one made today. To people who collect that is a plus so do not forget to see if you can have it dated and signed. You never know when one of these designer's or glass blower's will make the big time. Roxie

Hillary J Homburg said...

MONTE please email me at theblenkoproject@aol.com
Having an oral history, photos etc of BLENKO GLASS craftsmen is a project I've been working almost 5 l/2 years now.
Readers want desperately to learn of the history, we know a lot about the BLENKO's but little about the craftsmen. I could use your help.