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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2003 Designers - Readers question

I don't have the 2003 catalogue - collecting all the catalogues is for me a goal I have yet to achieve. Catalogues are difficult to find.
No one I spoke with this weekend knows the answer to your question, I will send an email to Tammy Kosla and when we have an answer - I'll post it here.
I am attempting to record my own Blenko history and I have a big question, one site I visit says John Nickerson, Wayne Husted and Hank Adams all designed in 2003. I have the catalog and I see nothing about this. What items did each design? Can you provide photos, so I can look for them? Also when it says a group of Blenko employees designed g;ass, who are these employees?
Jay Burdette
John Nickerson
Wayne Husted
Hank Adams
Each had designs in 2003


Anonymous said...

Those are some good questions.That makes me ask is there only one designer to a piece or do they get together as a team. I know it takes more than the designer to make a piece of glass and why does'nt everyone involved get their name on the glass, I know it is blenko. Maybe their little Blenko sticker should say made at Blenko by who ever. Seems like the Blenko signed by artist would be worth more than Richard Blenko signing.Noe all the Blenko they sold this weekend should be a collector item because of who signed the pieces. Not to many pieces signed by him, are they. WSAZ said they had 2,000 visitors at Blenko this weekend. This is not Blenko, only WV has more things to do than most states. Lil Rog checks stuff out on the computor and our wild wonderful state was close to the number one spot for things to do with our children.Know wonder it is a good place to retire. For we have alot of retires too. Well got to go pick green beans, tomatoes and lima beans and get busy canning. Still think the should make a blackberry colored glass. The shop from TV looked like they had alot of blue.I know your parents went down Sunday did you get to go to Blenko with them or did you work? Got to go. Good questions for you to answer from fellow blogger. Have a good day everyone Roxie

Anonymous said...

They each designed some pieces for these periods.
The site is inclusive.

Anonymous said...

you are too nice
when people ask these question have them call blenko where people are paid $$ to answer and know these things.
Recently I heard on another website that it was said at Blenko the new website will include a blog.
Excellent, on this forum we will expect excellence, as Katie is a marketing person who has a degree and knows Glass and is a full time person, so no excuses for anything other than top quality every day.

Hillary J Homburg said...

No one person could please all of you all the time.
Of this I am certain.

susan said...

Did they ever make the link on the blenko website to this blog?

Anonymous said...

Is there a current designer?
Who is the designer now?
Is bayliss the designer?
I heard on another blog
he quit.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Perhaps someone else can speak to this, but I think the policy at Blenko has been to use different designers - sometimes more than one a year - sometimes they just use in house designs.
Mr. WH Blenko, Mr. Rick Blenko, The Blenko's have an excellent design sense. Many of the craftsmen over the years have enjoyed creating new items.
Blenko is a small, family owned company.

Anonymous said...

Arlon hasn't quit. In fact, he is working on some new designs as I type.

I can give the info on what lines Wayne, John and Hank have done since 2001. I'll get my catalogs out tonight and list them tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great Ironcheftvdiner I'll return to look for the answer.

annu said...

Doesn't he work full time at a University and also have a regular design shop.
I would imagine Bayliss has many irons in the fire besides Blenko.
His skills are becoming known in the national art world.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here is what I came up with for designs for Blenko by Hank Adams, John Nickerson and Wayne Husted in the 2000s.

Remember that each had/have pieces that they designed while they were the official designers during their tenure at Blenko that appear in the catalogs. I am only listing new designs that they came back to Blenko to produce in the 2000s.

2001/2002 - Wayne Husted did the Patriot line that was a supplement to one of the catalogs. I think that it was added to the 2002 catalog.

2002 - Wayne Husted - Kaleidoscope and Atlantis

2003 - Hank Adams - 4003-HA, 4103-HA, 4203-HA and 4303-HA.

2003 - John Nickerson - Forte' and Consorzio

2003 - Wayne Husted - Kaleidoscope and Atlantis.

2004 - Wayne Husted did the Variations line that wasn't in the catalog, it was advertised seperately.

2004-2005 - John Nickerson - Consorzio

2007 - Hank Adams - 3006-5606 were all designed by Hank.

The lines that are listed in catalogs after their first year all saw pieces discontinued in the catalogs following their first appearance.

Anonymous said...

I forgot one piece that Hank Adams designed. It wasn't a catalog item, but he did design the 2006 West Virginia Birthday Piece.