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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Pumpkins Are Coming! - Blenko Glass

Fall will be here very soon. Blenko Glass tells me the pumpkins, gourds, and other fall items - - - - - - Think ORANGE!
Are now being stocked.
You'll want to be one of the first people visiting the Shop to obtain the very best of the Pumpkins.
I'll post photos of Pumpkins, Gourds etc. in early September.


Anonymous said...

Well! I had to think about yesterday's blog. I have downsized four times in my life. They say it is good to do away with all the stuff we have kept for years, that our children won't want it all. I live a very simple life.Things I can give up or do without. Everything, except! A ROOF OVER MY HEAD, CLOTHES TO COVER MY BODY,FOOD TO EAT A WARM PLACE TO SLEEP,MY BIBLE, FAMILY AND FRIENDS, AND WATER TO DRINK.I have felt for years that we have been brain washed into thinking that we need to spend money like the next person, sometimes it is expected, me myself, I waste money on my grandbabies, then I think what will they do when I am not around anymore. It brings me great JOY to see their smiling faces and they all call me MOMMAW! I could not give up being young at heart, had alittle help years ago, and it is okay to play when the mind tells you to take a break. Then I could not give-up growing veggies and flowers, been thinking about that, what to plant that will take care of reseeding themselves. Things still dreamed for a finished, complete house, inside and out. If I wasn't thinking about easy and simple to take care, we would of went in debt for a doublewide. LOL. Nothing wrong with one, only now this old house will last a lot longer. That is another promblem with this world we all want the New, only sometimes we need to use what we have, or take down and replace what is here for the clean, never been lived in. Enough on how I feel about yesterday's blog. The colors of fall are wonderful, and sad. The end of harvest and the beginging of thanksgiving and feasting, and giving and celebrating to Our Lord and Father, where we are all showed that we are blessed, without questioning the why. I also could not do without birthday's. LOL! not a big party, just enjoying yourself and the ones who are apart of who you are. Getting to feel special, sometimes we forget. I know I am half crazy or most would think so, just enjoying my life. Cannot wait to see what they have added to the fall items. I noticed that last year when Hillary's Mom,added some fall Blenko. I like your pumpkin lamp. Be a good Blenko item to make. A pumkin face! Think I would hang one on the front door. Cut a hole and put alittle light bulb battery and hang like my Santa Claus face. I think we should write on what Blenko items we would like to see them make. Right there is two with or without the light. I also need a horse or a unicorn, for Lilly. Leah is easy Bunny rabbits and doll babies. Well I think I write to much and this brain just comes up with its own answers.Will continue, Roxie

susan said...

My collection of pumpkins is maxing out at 7, this is much better than the HomeGoods pumpkins.
Quality well made and the colors are vivid.

Dr.BOB said...

My wife bought 2 golden color pumpkin lamps last year for the gkids.
Storeage is an issue, however the theme lamps should be continued.
Stars N Stripes
so forth.
My for free suggestions.