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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blenko Bottle (limited edition)

Hilary, Followed the link for that Perfume - Autumn Bottle made by Randy Rider. Interesting idea will Blenko do more of this with other vendors? Will you be giving us proper notice of these events . Letting us know on Wed when the Event is on Friday isn't sufficient notice. Also whats the story behind this bottle?

Cryrus - The following letter from Randolph the owner of Bronze Look. If you haven't ordered one, use the link and number listed here. hjh
Bronze Look
(304) 425-5005
311 Mercer St, Princeton, WV

The concept that I had with Blenko was to create a bottle series that would depict the seasons and be of the various colors and shapes to be of interest to the collectors. The idea of a perfume bottle size actually didn't work after we publicized it. The bottles are to large to be considered a perfume bottle. So we fell back to calling them the "Autumn Bottle". These were actually made the first week of autumn in 2009. Randy Rider did a very nice job on these. I liked meeting Randy and spending time with him and his wife at my gallery. Randy also signed every piece in the gallery that he created. His wife told us she liked the fairy vases in the gallery that Kelsey Murphy had done. I provided Kelsey with an owl vase that Randy had signed as his and she is carving a Fairy on the vase. Hopefully the piece works out.
Anyway my plan is to proceed with the second bottle limiting the edition size to 69. I expect the bottle to sell very well this holiday season and will have enough for publication in our upcoming catalog. The first 69 bottle collectors will be able to buy matching numbers.
We appreciate any publicity that you provide to the glass industry and galleries that support the artists of West Virginia. Ron Hinkle has designated our gallery as the preferred gallery in southern West Virginia for exhibiting his glass. We also have a nice selection of cameo glass by Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkomp.
Right now we are looking forward to Nancy Fenton coming to the gallery in the 7th of November.

Randolph Evans


andreerods said...

In my life
you, your love and devotion to Blenko Glass, my ever increasing taxes, my overly involved Mother and her desire for my marriage and children, are the only static
Thank you for weekly entertainment at no cost.
How is Blenko the dog? Also what is the current state of the factory, of late you have been writing mostly fluff, marshmallow post.

Anonymous said...

I have missed seeing you, also roxie, phani, ravi, ram, susan, elizabeth, della and maryjane.
Where are you?
Margie Hale

Dr.BOB said...

Still looking for WVa Birthday Vases. Can you help me find sellers?
I am sending a post to theblenkoproject email. It states what I need and what I want to pay.
This is my 6th year, where are these vases hiding?
Anyone wanting to sell a vase made in the 80s{ I have the first 5, and the last 12 (of the Birthday)} 90s please email me immediately or write what you have here. I read daily.

Phani said...

Thank you for asking Margie and I am here in Texas just waiting...

Anonymous said...

bruce is in texas,
do you know bruce?
if not you should try to
join the texas collectors.

Phani said...

I do know Bruce is from Texas but I do not know him personally. I am not a collector Cara but my girlfriend is.

annu said...

We weren't fortunate enough to know you, in the photo you express the energy and fire it would take to create a national group.
My best wishes to you for your life, do you continue to collect Blenko?
Did you sell the collection under your name on www.blenkoproject.org? If not and you plan to sell, we all want an invitation.

Anonymous said...

Large Large LARGE PRINT please
Margie Hale

Hillary J Homburg said...

Thank you for the kind words.
(marshmallow post?)
I don't know the people who comment on this blog, I can not and would not if I could give you email address for anyone person.
Please be careful with your on line identity.

Anonymous said...

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