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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold Weather Predicted for Coal Bowl 2009

If you haven't purchased your WVU or Marshall University

Blenko Glass logo tableware this is the last call before

Blenko Glass has lowered the price on the WVU and Marshall
Logo Tableware.

Check them out!

The best pre and post game parties have BLENKO GLASS ( WVU or MU) logo
filled with goodies on their tables.
Bring your blankets, hot chocolate, your BLENKO GLASS and your Pride In Our Great State . . . . it will be a great football game.


roxie said...

I am ready for the game! It is abig deal at my house. WVU football. I love glass, I am not into decals. Boy those medallions have caused a real mess! Blenko should say Made by Blenko, sold on E-bay, so that good hearted Blenko collectors don't have to leave home to go to Blenko to be disappointed when they get there. I say think before you sale the store out. I would make medallions for the gift shop and then make medallions for those E-bay people. We here in WVa., like to buy in WVa. You know it's like buy made in the USA. Plus we have to plan a trip most of us to go to Milton. There are lots of shops that sale Blenko and WVA. glass. Maybe they need a hot line so that we can call and voice our thoughts on why we like to buy from the maker.This item also just went on sale, to be out already means someone did not make enough, or are the medallions like everything else there are only gonna be so many made? Here we go again with the business side of Blenko. I will not go there. I will just ask will there be any medallions in the gift shop to buy for the holidays? Are they also gonna make the little red dress pin? Just what are the other medallions are they on the blenko site and if they are what are they under, costume jewerly? I know I sounds disappointed, I am. I am not a credit card person. I shop check or cash and putting all that information out there is not worth my time, plus if you order on line they can make items as they are ordered and you can be put on back order any old time. Not good enough for me. Must say I am glad to know what is wrong with the medical world. For that has helped me understand why I have been 7 months and my Blenko savings spent, into making the money to buy Blenko and not into making another person well. Now that is SAD. All well some people get to buy the Blenko they wish for I am again saving to buy Blenko again.Go Mountineers! God Bless and I will be saying prayers, Roxie

Anonymous said...

Will you be at the game Glasslady?

Anonymous said...

I agree too much credit is killing everyone.
Last night someone ask me to allow for payments on a surgery.
What is the meaning of this?

roxie said...

THANKS FOR THE PICTURES OF THE PUMPKINS! By the way Hillary does have pumpkins. One is a lamp with a pumpkin on the bottom and one on the top. SOL, why would you not let someone make payments? Money is the root of all evil. Why if you can afford to help another human being keep their best friend would you not allow this. That is what the Bible teaches us. The eye of that needle for a rich man is small, from what I hear it would not hurt you one bit to do that surgery. GOD, will reward you for being good to Creatures large and small. Is that why you are a vet, to make lots of money or to help poor animals and people who are not rich. I ask what is wrong with giving? When from what I hear you have more than enough. That is one thing I do not like about people who have more than they will ever need. Someone forgot to teach them the bible and how to give from their own pocket. Ask yourself what would GOD do. You should ask this person just what can they afford. Just why does God give lots of money to some and little to others? Maybe it is his test to see if you are worth taking to heaven. I know there are users out there only, read your bible. That is what upsets me everyone forgets who their real BOSS is. I could right now go and get a lawyer and put a business in the headlines of a newspaper for being dirty. Know one knows what I have been through the last seven months. Cry, I could cry a river for the none caring,not doing their jobs right and making people sick. To prove this and get alot of money would put me on the same level as the business that made me sick.I have turned this over to God. I am just glad that My DAD taught me to know that here are the things we really need in life. Something to wear, something to eat, a roof over our heads and a warm place to sleep and the Lord's prayer. Besides if someone owe's bills when they die, the judgement is on them. Maybe reading the LORD's Prayer would help you. Do the surgery Sol. Maybe God is testing you to see if he needs you in heaven, or where your place there will be. IT NEVER HURTS TO GIVE. GREED from what I have read will KILL YOU. So let me know if you do the surgery. You have made me cry thinking that someone may lose their best friend because they cannot afford to have their pet fixed. I also think of alot of the people that God has put in my life for what ever reason, some have gave from pocket some have just been good to me, most have been my friend. You never know when it could be Jesus himself. I know the world may think me crazy, do I care? NO! Yes I am human and ask forgiveness of my sins daily, for we as human do not know sometimes that we are comitting sin. Look into yourself and what your heart tells you, not others. I have thought this over for to long. God bless everyone and Sol, I will include you in my prayers and maybe everyone who reads this will too. Roxie

Phani said...

Would Blenko Make University of Virginia, Charlottesville glass? If so I would like to have a link. I have a friend who would be impressed by the UVC blenko glass.

Anonymous said...

I bet those blue bloods would rather have waterford.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to make you mad. I would give you credit or treat your dogs for free.

Anonymous said...

I have shopped the blenko gift shop for the last time. Last year I made 4 trips to the shop, and never got what I needed. Had to buy from Adams. They could have sold item to me for full retail price.They treat the gift shop shoppers like stepchildren. This is the worst managed company I have ever TRIED to deal with!!!!!

chitrakahn said...

I tell the VC what I want
then go back when they get it
Work almost every time.
People are as nice as you let them be.
These girls aren't Dianna and Mindy - we were spoiled by D and M - but these girls are good.

roxie said...

You have won my heart Sol. I only have one puppy who is now so healthy. Maybe one of these days I will need a good Vet and I will have to find out where you are. I will let you know. You keep up with being this nice young man, because I feel what ever woman you marry will be very lucky. Were I not 55, comitted to Rog I would marry you myself. I wish my daughter was not married for I do beleive I would fix you up. Kate, married at 27, should she ever become single I will let you know. Sol, I have blue blood in my veins. HA! HA! I just love good glass, old, new, Blenko or Waterford. Hay do you know where Waterford, Va. is? Well got to go. Hillary how is your Mom, have not heard from her in awhile?

Anonymous said...

chitrakahn,I wasn't talking about the the girls in the gift shop. I'm sure the girls would be happy to sale to me. I just can't understand why management will not let the gift shop offer all items for sale.I know the gift shop could sale sale sale if they had the glass!!! I do miss Dianna and Mindy!!!