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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blenko Face Vases

Would you kindly post photos of any and all Face Vases made by Blenko Glass.
I want to add these to my collection of Face Vases.
If you can include the year made and the available colors I would also appreciate this.
Also how much I should pay for each.
Thank you
Thomas D.
If I had either the time, the knowledge or a great desire perhaps I could.
I'm a full time GPR resident at Ohio State University.
I will post your request and perhaps collectors and readers will respond with
photos and some of the info you desire.
My favorite Face Vase - is the Husted Face Vase in the Variations Series sold
to less than 15 people and it was a limited edition. The face is said to be that of Husted's youngest child. I'll find and post a photo of this one.
Readers: Will you please help Thomas in his desire to learn about Blenko Face Vases?


Anonymous said...

in 93 hank adams made a male and female head vase he also made a queen and king head vase.the Husted vase called Dana after his daughter,was made for ths blenko collectors and as Hilliary said very few were made,also they were made in a certain color and not to be made in that color again for sale.They wre going to make them in other colors to sell to everybody but it never came to pass.
Also they made decanter that looked like womans body and another one that had a stopper like a womans head it had handles that represented arms on it.
i think Osburn Glass has the Dana mold and most of the other variatios molds now.Oh another they made was a Devil head vase for BLENKO BILL in Washington state i think.They were made in red with dark horns

Anonymous said...

Dear Doc H:

Please stop allowing anonymous posts on the Blenko blog. They detract from your blog. At least then people will have to make up names for themselves!

I will post this anonymously because I wouldn't leave this message under my actual name or my online persona name (my very point).

Anonymous said...

You can post annonymously
but those of us who refuse to join blogger and get a name
but do sign our first names
and are known to most collectors are in error?

Anonymous said...

re: anonymous Blenko blog posters


No, those who sign names are different!!! Also, today's anonymous commenters ALMOST make me regret I said anything. It is just that some of the anonymous commenters who DON"T sign their names are so NEGATIVE and bitter. I guess they have a right to vent their frustration. They just kill the good energy that so many of the commenters bring. They counter the good energy exuding from Doc H. If somebody would start a hater blog for glass collectors, the anti-Blenko brigade would have an outlet for all the hating.

Blenko Believer
usually a lurker

Anonymous said...

I purchased 2 boxes of scrap glass from my local stained glass shop. Most of the glass turned out to be Blenko, they all have the Blenko tag on them with the name of the glass and a clear seal with a silver b a round red? dot and Blenko handmade on it.
I am curious if any of your glass is made for kilns. I do teach mosaics so they can be used for that but the colors are so lovely I would like to make jewelry out of them if they are compatable with each other or sys 90 or 96.

I checked your website but can't find any information to help me.

Thank you so much, to bad you are not in Kokomo, I would love to visit your shop.

Deborah L

sweetdoc said...

Deb L
I fuse Blenko frequently for ear rings.
The temp isn't good and with caution use glass from another company with blenko.
Hope this helps.

sweetdoc said...

RE; Anonymous request that we all not remain annonymous.
I'm still laughing!
Hilary how do you attract these crazy people who want you to do everything for them. Now they are asking you to clean up the internet.
Re: negative comments about Blenko. I have made them. When the service is bad, the product is formed poorly, or the base is bad. I'll speak up. When I purchase new Blenko I want the quality to be similar to the vintage Blenko. I also expect a sales staff who has some small bit of knowledge and who will stop eating at the counter or gossiping at the counter - to promptly stop this and ring up my order.
No frequently do I complain, but when these things occur I do.
Neither annonymous or Blenko can expect us to pay the "new prices" and walk away with inferior service or product.
My collecting group is made up of 6 Docs, 4 Lawyers, 2 Ward Clerks, 3 Office Workers and 1 Accountant. Most of us also 'search' when we are on vacations with our hubby or on business trips. In our community we are know now as Glass Collectors. Some laughingly say we put shopkeepers children thru college. We get together montly but almost daily we talk about our next trip or glass.
We didn't collect Beanie Babies, we have collected hand carved wood bowls, baskets, art by 3 artist, and even now if we spot these items in the vintage store they'll come home with us.
We post annonymously via a google name -
Hillary stop spoonfeeding and stop being so Nice!

Anonymous said...

Will someone ask Blenko to remove the forum from the webpage.
No one monitors this forum, and its a disgrace to Blenko Glass.
It should be immediately removed.
Sad sad forum.
The Milton Blog is a better forum for Blenko.

Dr.BOB said...

I can count 4 face vases
my wife owns. No Variations to my knowledge.
Will Osburn make the Face Vase from variations?
If so at what cost.

Dr.BOB said...

anonymous tell anonymous not to post anonymously
only in west virginia

Hillary J Homburg said...

RE: Deborah L 's question.
Deborah I wrote to Don Lemley and Katie Garrison of Blenko
This response is from Katie:
"Our glass can be used for slumping in a kiln. We have a COE of 90. Our glass is compatable with bullseye but not with spectrum. People also use our dalles to slump in various ways. I hope this helps Deborah out."


Deborah if you need additonal info email theblenkoproject@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Osburn makes them for $60 dollars each but not in the variations colors.Most any other color you want though i have 2 of them 1 in Orange and !in blue and they are very pretty.He does excellent work.


Dr.BOB said...

I'm sending photos of face vases.

Anonymous said...

Will you get a photo from Osburn of his face vase?
And if you can get other photos of face vases I also would like to see these.