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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Blenko Collecting Groups Needs Our Help!

Will you ask the blog readers who send a photo of their favorite Blenko and why its their favorite?
Our group is new to Blenko, we have collected as a group Cambridge Glass and we all love Fiestaware. We started with Blenko last year.
To be honest, we need photos of items to search for. No one of us has a catalog, and the Pina books are limited in scope.
Even if you post just one a week, we can copy and keep in a note book. Or if you have suggestions for what to collect we would appreciate this also. Don't tell us to collect the Birthday. We bought that this year and we have photos of the other 30, and it maybe impossible to find all these.
Thank you
Like you I am trying to put together a new Birthday Collection.
I've started a Blenko ashtray / lighter collection - but to be honest, I have only 2 and its been 3 years.
The pink (old rose color) glass is one of my favorites and when I see any affordable item in this color I'll purchase.
Otherwise I buy only items that are very special - a Husted cocktail pitcher, or pitcher with unusual handle.
My Mom collects water bottles, and my Dad just loves Blenko ruby - he'll buy anything in this color.
We'll post your questions and wait for readers to respond with photos and or suggestions for your group.


Anonymous said...

Why do you lie, Blenko gives you the entire line each and every year of this I am certain. By now you must have a room full of glass.
Sam T.

Anonymous said...

If you take time to explore this blog and also blenko collector 4 and blenko museum you will find a zillion photos of blenko glass.
I also enjoy seeing everyones glass so I am not discouraging people from sending photos merely suggesting also check the blog history and the other web pages.
Terry U.

susan said...

When will a collectors group meet?

Anonymous said...

I'm sending Hilary a link but
Damon Crain has a new part of his web store that is devoted to
old blenko.

lewisphddvm said...

As a long reader I feel it necessary to defend Hilary. Your allegations that she receives glass from Blenko is dead wrong, if it were true she received the entire line yearly, she would have photos or the ability to photograph the glass.
The facts are as I read this blog, she request photos from Blenko frequently and infrequently she receives either photos or information.
Every other website focusing on BLenko is the creation of a vendor, someone who will make money from selling you Blenko after market. Hilary doesn't sell anything. She inspires.
Blenko GLass should be sending her the entire line each year. If the management team were experienced this would happen. As a business owner I reward frequently the people responsible for making my business grow.
Looking for a liar, well, in this glass collecting enviroment there are many. Hilary is not a liar.
You Sam T should apologize.
Blenko Glass should immediately accept your suggestion and send Hilary the 2010 line.
Each week, I ask myself why she doesn't tell Blenko and us to go to hell. It would appear being appreciation or material gain is not a driving force in her life.

Anonymous said...

Kumar do you belong to this group?

Anonymous said...

Blenko doesnt have a 2010 line! LOL
well ket chains and necklaces!If they did it would have been out by the first week in January

Anonymous said...

Sam T. you sir are a jerk. Hilary never gets anything from Blenko no glass, no help, not even a thank you. I still dont understand why she still does what she does. She is the real deal. She truly loves WV Glass.


Phani said...

Nope I do not.

Anonymous said...

photos of the ashtrays and lighters if you plz.