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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blenko Glass Outlet - OPEN TODAY

http://www.blenkoglass.com/ Blenko Glass Gift Shop / outlet is open today!

The shelves are filled with colorful Blenko Glass.

Check out the clearance tables before you leave, also check underneath tables for boxes marked clearance.

The very best prices can be found in the Blenko Glass Gift Shop / Outlet.


sweetdoc said...

Get some new photos.

annu said...

Simple, beautiful, classic.
J and I will daily use the
Blenko waterbottle.

bone said...

Now what about photos of
this item in all available colors?

DrAnnu said...

What is this shade of blue called?
What shades of blue are now available at Blenko?

Anonymous said...

My simple mind needs to understand the order of home page blogs?
This blog is listed last for the last year, does this mean its the least read blog on the Hearld Dispatch blog page?

Anonymous said...

Is Annu different from DrAnnu?

Blenko Blenko Blenko

Dr.BOB said...

Perhaps the order is reverse and the best is last.

sweetdoc said...

Forgot to say thank you for the photo and update on the forever youthful and handsome Rick Blenko.
To know he is well and flourishing w/o the factory, well, this is very good news.
Living well is the best revenge my Daddy use to say.

Anonymous said...

How many snow days is the gift shop taking?
Also I heard Katie's Mom is now the gift shop clerk?
Diane and Mindy knew glass, is it possible to find clerks who know glass?
Also keep the shop open or post it on your website that it will be closed.
Long drive not to get glass.

Anonymous said...

A personal question for you.
Where will you work, we would like to become your patients, if you are within driving distance.
Arbutus P.

Hillary J Homburg said...

I finish the GPR in June, my goal is to work in a rural clinic or some public health setting.
Thank you for asking, and your desire to be my patient.
If you don't have a dentist, please email theblenkorproject@aol.com and we'll get you the name of 2 or 3 wonderful dentist from your community.

Anonymous said...

Katie hiring her mom???? NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!!! I have seen how hard the VC girls work. Its not a job like the office girls have, were you can get by with doing very little. Or maybe you can if you daughter is running the place. I fell so sorry for the other VC workers. I miss Diane and Mindy. In all the years I have shopped the VC I have never seen any to people work harder. I hope who ever they are working for now, value these two ladies.

Anonymous said...

if they would have treated them right they would still be there. they could not get any relief. the office ladies were supposed to give them breaks for lunch, and a saturday or sunday off every now and then. but they are always to busy to help them. lol

DrAnnu said...

My family reported going twice during the supposed working hours and finding the gift shop locked.
Hilary can you post the hours they keep?
Long drive from Md to find a closed shop before 4pm.

Anonymous said...

Katie probably hired her mom so someone would be keeping the place open.

Anonymous said...

The VC is just another example of why the place will never make. It truly breaks my heart. Like the person said the other day. There is noway Walter Blenko could know whats going on. At least Rick had the right people in the right place to make the place go. She has either fired or ran off the people who could make it a glass factory. SAD SAD When all this talent and beautiful artform dies because of a young girls ego.

Anonymous said...

The VC is a very good example of what is wrong with Blenko Glass Co. From what I hear the VC has carried the other departments(stained glass,and wholesale)for some time. But it is still understaffed ,and they ether will not make or will not let the VC stock what will sale. They will let the glass set on a shelf in shipping, just in case Mary gets a order for the glass later. Wouldn't it be better to sale the glass now and give the factory workers more work when the orders come in? I make long trips to shop the VC and it should always have catalog items in stock . So many times I have had to ask for a item that was not in stock but could be found in shipping. C R A Z Y ! ! ! Just think of how many other people may have bought these items if they were on display. The way this company is managed is unreal!! KIM

Anonymous said...

If Walter Blenko does not know what is going on, he only has himself to blame. You only have to spend a small amount of time with Katie to know she talks big, but her accomplishments are small. She really doesn't know what she is talking about most of the time(though she acts like a expert in all things). Walter Blenko knows better then this, and he should Do better then this!