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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Joe Holland www.joehollandvw.com

Friends are relatives you make for yourself.
- Eustache Deschamps

The Joe Holland Volkswagen staff will quickly become your family! http://www.joehollandvw.com/

I've been a loyal customer since age 15, Mr. Herb of VW repair took care of my VW BUG (black diesel name Bond) for 4 +years. Then Mr. Herb retired and Kevin became my VW Service Guru. As a child I was impressed that no one talked 'down' to me. They explained what needed to be done to my Car and what my options were. My next car 2006 was also a VW BUG (a red convertible named Bella), Kevin and the very talented VW repair staff have taken exclusive car of my cars. I drove from Morgantown to South Charleston for repairs and regular checkups, and now I drive home from Columbus for oil changes and regular scheduled services.

Honestly, I just assumed all repair / service shops were like this. During my professional school (dental school) I heard horror stories about service departments and mistreatment of women, some classmates actually took guys from class with them to ensure they wouldn't be over charged. Only after this did I learn to fully appreciate the Joe Holland VW Service Department.

The ladies of Joe Holland Service supervised by Ms. Shirley Fritch answer the phone with a smile. They care about your service and they VALUE your time. You won't be left hanging or without an answer. The ladies are photographed below with a yellow waterbottle ( note the color - this is a very pretty yellow, unusual color) filled with Gerber daisies.
Quality Glass located in a high quality service department. At Joe Holland each and every person receives individualized care, excellent care!

Stephanie Dunlap, Shirley Fritsch, and Linda Starcher with Blenko Glass Collectors Waterbottle.

I failed to mention the Body and Paint shop at Joe Holland VW -

A deer hit Bella (photo), and the body shop straightened her hook and gave her new red paint. Excellent Body Shop! Very friendly also Very help and informative to the female client.



Anonymous said...

My question is
did the women of Joe Holland collect Blenko before you became a client?
Nice story.

Anonymous said...

Why did VW stop making the bug again?

Anonymous said...

you are naive about life, also you are blessed with having good fortune.
Blenko Glass is blessed to have you on their side.

Anonymous said...

Nice car, how could you afford such a nice car at age 15?

Anonymous said...

Very bad karma at your house
a deer then a Benz crash.
Hope 2010 is better.

roundhead2 said...

Good morning to all. The weather here is still snow and they are calling for three to six more inches.Good article. pretty yellow Blenko to lighten the mood and smiling faces. Lovely to see. I disagree that Hill's is not naive she is just a good person, like alot of us she was raised by how life is suppose to be, not by how it can be. You know treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.Sometimes I feel that people of today are into themselves, plus material more than other human life, and yes it is sad that when we have been hurt or angered as a child or that we repeat the ways of the people who raised us without even relizing that we need to change somethings inside our selfs instead of our surroundings.Guess I just read between the lines and was taught to look into the eyes of the person I was speaking too. Eyes are like Blenko glass. No two the same some sparkle and shine and some are blank, and some you can see the beauty of a persons soul and others you can see all the wheels turning on their next plan and some are sad and full of pain. It was good seeing you and B, missed you over Christmas. Did your Mom get to come to your place? I figure that she did. That woman can do some driving! Well I have wrote enough again. God Bless and May God bring peace to your home. Little Rog would love to be here now to go sking. It is something that Dad and son do together.A boys day out. Think joyful things today, like which piece of Blenko would you pick out of a roomful. I'm silly. I would pick an old pear. Roxie

Anonymous said...

a deer HIT your car?
don't you mean you hit a deer, poor Bambi
did you stop to offer medical aide
or at least a dental check up?

DrAnnu said...

In the last 24 - 36 months the price of new Blenko Glass has increased by more than 200%, am I the only collector put off by the new prices?
Blenko management should re think this. Blenko was a glass for the masses, few people want to pay $150 for a small, often not well made item.
Older Blenko is a bargain when compared to current price list.
Your comments are welcome.

Anonymous said...

to much overhead and adding more
the production shops only work 32 hours a week. go figure
have to pay for the extra help

Anonymous said...

female clients? everyone knows men have all the money, so who cares about female clients?
T. E.

Dr.BOB said...

My wife is suggesting a a Joe Holland site in the eastern panhandle, can you arrange?