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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Designer - Bayliss


Does Blenko have a designer? Who is the designer?

Harry B.

Blenko's current designer is a design team
Bayliss Designs. We did a post about Bayliss in Oct 08 (check this out) we ask Blenko in 08 for contact information. When it arrives and if Bayliss is willing we'll offer information about this designer.
It is often said Bayliss' 07 and 08 birthday pieces are among the most beautiful in the 30 year series. As a collector of all things modern, his Bravo series attracts my attention. hjh
photos of Bayliss with Blenko Glass collector B. Copley


roundhead2 said...

Happy New Year ! May God bring peace to everyone's home. Been just checking the blog every now and then. Had a very interesting year and do not need anymore like 2009. Will write it down as the most unexplained year of my life. Had a good Christmas I will say. celebrated the birthday of Jesus, who at times I think this world has forgotten. Sorry for my personal opinion only it is how I felt when out doing what little shopping I did. My grandbabies were all blessed. The most exciting gift the girls received were their Momma's cabbage patch dolls that I have kept for at least 25 years. Those things to little girls are like blenko glass. I still wish they would make alittle tea set for little girls and their dolls. Yes! Lilly and the dolls were having tea when she told me she loved the dolls. Now back to cake and Blenko. I love cake even though I should not have any. That woman has a talent. It takes alot of patience to decorate a cake. I use to make Kate's birthday cake and decorate it. What a job. I liked that green Blenko that everyone is attempting to figure out when it was made. A real springy looking color. Put my Blenko christmas bulbs on display in my kitchen. They look real nice along side of my blenko cross. As long as the light is on in the kitchen you can see them from outside. Was nice to see a picture of your Uncle Berry again. If that was this year, we were working on painting the river house. Valentine's Day is fast approaching so will Blenko have any of that jewelry for sale. They could make that little red dress pin for all us girls. I already have a red glass heart. Looks better than a real ruby. Well I have run my fingers enough. God Bless Roxie

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More info for bayliss plz

Dr.BOB said...

Bayliss rocks!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from Roxie. Lucky little girls with such a loving grandmother.
Car Girl

glassbug said...

Welcome back Roxie.
Always enjoy your appalachian take on life.
Anyone else hear "Blenko is down to
office workers, and shop keeper and janitor
everyone else is laid off, also Mr. Blenko moved out of state?"
Say it ain't so Hilary.
Happy New Year to all!

glassbug said...

Roxie mentioned jewelry, what happen to the Blenko employee who made glass jewelry during the Festival several years ago.
Is he still their? Anyone have an email address for him or phone number?

sweetdoc said...

Bayliss designs are a great improvement from the 90s
Birthday designs.
Shame of Blenko for the 90s Birthday designs, same on me for desperately searching to purchase the bad designs.

sweetdoc said...

Hi Roxie,
Lucky g-kids.

sweetdoc said...

Car girl
What do you collect?
Designers, colors?

Anonymous said...

Color usually first, then design. No one designer. After 4 years of deliberately looking, I have a lot of 1930's and '40's, to match era of my house when new. I don't like most amberina, olive, avocado and the garish colors of much of the 1990's to recent items. No "cutesy" anything.
Car Girl

Anonymous said...

What do you collect,
photos of your collection please!
Todd E.