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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Blenko Museum

Hilary, See attached photo. I uploaded this from the Blenko Museum website. Tell me where to find Blenko Glass like this? I collect cats, not Blenko, and I want these for my collection. I phoned Blenko and was told " we do not make cats and
as long as I've been here I haven't seen any cats."
Mi Mi Lenoard
Mrs. Lenoard,
Let me assure you Blenko did make Cats, the person you spoke with may have been either a new employee or a Holiday extra. The Blenko Cats, grow in popularity, rarity, and the price continues to soar. Buy these when available and quickly.
You didn't include an email address, so I'm going to respond here. A large number of people take photos from the Blenko Museum site and ask me where to purchase.
Every item photographed on the Blenko Museum web site is a perfect example, it will have no flaws, and the colors will be superior else they wouldn't photograph this item.
Finding vintage glass in perfect condition is a time consuming chore. My suggestion is to contact the Blenko Museum and ask if they might assist you in locating the items (cats) you desire.
In my six plus years of The Blenko Project I have found the Blenko Museum to be a source of accurate information, encouragement , and the photographs are the best.
Good luck. Write to theblenkoproject@aol.com if you need additonal contact info and also to send photos of the Blenko Cats you purchase. hjh


glassbug said...

Phone or email Damon and ask him to find the item.
In glass one gets what they pay for.

glassbug said...

charcoal is no longer available and no one since the 70s could make speciality items

sweetdoc said...

Thank you Mi Mi for reminding me of this webpage. The Blenko Museum is an excellent source.

DrAnnu said...

Blenko cats can be found on Ebay
Also place on want list for CraigsList.
Ann Urebeck

roundhead2 said...

The cats are nice. Hillary has afew of these sitting around her parents home. They also made a clown that I like.Hillary has one. It is all different colors and shines. When I think about the granddaughters I have, it is pure joy and faith. I got one of those digtials photoframes and will have to take the chip out and take to Hillary's Moms and download you all some pictures of the young Blenko collectors. I am sure that everyone will fall in love and want one of them. Just want to know how Margie, Sol, Phan are doing. I know busy collecting Blenko or snowed in wishing they could get out to look for Blenko, which if snowed in, would be a good time to clean the Blenko, or make a collector list of what you do have so that after we are know longer on this planet the ones left behind will know what they have and what it is worth. Well I need to get off of here. I do have four grandchildren. Two live in Myrtle Beach. Sage is my oldest granddaughter and she is gifted and talented, she writes stories and draws and swims on a team.Sage plans on writing a book and buying Mommaw a farm one day. Now my grandson Kade is into Thomas the train, he has just turned three. Now all of you know the loves of my life.Grandchildren are like Blenko, they sparkle like glass. God Bless Roxie

Anonymous said...

Since these haven't been produced in the last 40 years I don't think you have to be a rookie Blenko employee to not have seen one. These are fairly rare. Occasionally, one will come for auction on eBay or Damon Crain will have one for sale on his website. They usually sell for several hundred dollars each. A recent one on eBay that was cracked still sold for over a hundred. Dave Osburn made a similar piece recently but I am not sure he routinely has them available.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Blenko is it true that a new office girl was hired.
7 office workers? even a $35K per year thats a ton of money for
non production employees.
My husband managed a glass factory in Wheeling. It was very large and the office staff was 6, this was before computers.
An upgrade of technological equipment may be in order for Blenko.

Anonymous said...

Can you get photos of
Osburn cats?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how old the glass is
an employee should know the products, surely Blenko has catalogs from the past
these ladies can surely read inbetween customers.
No knowing the history of your product.
Better to say I don't know is better than giving incorrect information.

Anonymous said...

None of you have any business making comments about management at Blenko Glass.
Shame on all of you.
Unless you work at Blenko, stay out, no more offering of suggestions.
You are too old to know about business.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Yes, I will get photos of Osburn Glass cats.
I'll post this today so in 7-10 days it'll publish.

Anonymous said...

Did they really hire someone new for the office??? Maybe it is to cover the other Ladies as they take lots and lots of breaks. Gotta eat, gotta go get the food. Gotta eat again. Gotta get the kid or kids.Gotta eat yet again. Gotta spend lots of time texting friends. Gotta cut out early. I'm tired just thinking about all these ladies do.

Anonymous said...

I think we all have a right to say whatever we think. 7 office girls is to many with most of the men layed off it does not make any sence to work that much office staff. What could they be doing, filling orders, sending out glass, we all know whats going on.

Anonymous said...

The clown that shines was NOT made by Blenko. That is an Osburn Modern Glass clown, and was done in limited edition plain and crackled. There are still some available.